How To Go Eco-Friendly With Your Business This Year

Many of us now have sustainability on our minds, both in our personal lives and at work. Businesses in a vast range of industries are now looking for ways to make their operations more eco-friendly, which does good for the planet and can also improve your reputation with customers.

If you’re looking to boost your sustainability credentials there are lots of things you can do. This guide will go through some great ways to go eco-friendly with your business this year.

Cut down on paper

Advances in technology make it easy for businesses to reduce how much paper they use. Limiting your use of paper means you use less energy and generate less waste. Only printing documents when it’s really necessary and keeping records and documents digitally as far as possible is a great step towards being more eco-friendly. Printing less also means you’re using less electricity to run appliances. When you really do need to print documents, recycling the paper once you’ve finished with it is also a more sustainable approach.

Not only can saving on paper help businesses in the long run, but being an eco-friendly business can also open your workforce to new talent. With many people now prioritising sustainability and eco-friendly practices, it is now more important than ever for businesses to be more responsible. There is even recent research that has shown that some workers will not work for businesses that are unsustainable. Recent research findings found that almost a quarter of Gen Z employees would not work for a business that profits from unsustainable practices.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

In the ever-evolving landscape of eco-friendly business practices, the adoption of sustainable packaging continues to play a pivotal role in corporate responsibility. Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of minimizing their environmental impact, not only to meet consumer expectations but also as part of a broader commitment to global sustainability. An integral aspect of this green transformation involves the use of eco-friendly materials such as recycled cardboard, biodegradable plastics, and minimalistic designs that prioritize waste reduction. As businesses strive to become more eco-conscious, incorporating small yet impactful details like custom packaging stickers made from sustainable materials adds an extra layer of environmental mindfulness to their overall branding. By integrating these eco-friendly elements, businesses not only contribute to the global initiative for a greener planet but also resonate with a growing consumer base that values sustainability in their purchasing decisions.

Avoid plastic disposables

Businesses often use a lot of plastic disposable items, whether that’s takeaway packaging in a restaurant or plastic cups by the water cooler. This plastic can have a harmful effect on the planet. The ideal option is to provide reusable glasses and crockery to your customers and staff but sometimes this might be challenging.

If you do need disposable options, you can be more eco-friendly by choosing biodegradable or compostable disposable products. It’s a great idea to pick cardboard, bamboo, or paper instead of plastic. This can make a big difference to the amount of non-recyclable waste your staff and customers generate. With recent research showing that customers are demanding more sustainability from businesses in recent years, it’s wise for both small and large businesses to discover more ways to be eco-friendly this year.

Take advantage of natural light

Businesses can run up significant electricity bills that have an environmental and financial impact. It’s a great idea to choose eco-friendly electricity suppliers and energy-saving lightbulbs but you can be more eco-friendly by taking advantage of natural light as much as possible.

Try to only turn the lights on when it’s really necessary. In some environments like office buildings, you can also use eco-friendly glass walls that allow light to flow through rather than solid drywall that blocks out light.

Consider using eco-friendly air compressors

Oil free air compressors are an eco-friendly solution for many different industries including construction and car mechanics. Compressed air is a power source for millions of people and can be used for many different purposes such as running pneumatic drills and inflating tires.

You can save on money and energy and work more efficiently if you choose air compressors over more traditional forms of power. Most air compressors do not use oil in their operation, meaning there are clear environmental benefits to using air compression as an energy source instead of oil.

Use sustainable cleaning products

Whether you run a cleaning service or are just thinking about cleaning around the office, eco-friendly cleaning products are a great idea. These products don’t contain harmful chemicals and are beneficial both for the planet and for your staff members.

Adding a few plants to your space can also help to reduce the impact on pollutants and release more oxygen into the environment.