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ClickTrades – CFD Trading with the Fastest Execution Speed on the Absolute Trading Platform

ClickTrades is a CFD broker committed to providing a safe trading environment on an innovativeplatform, creating solutions for all types of traders.

The vast array of features and special conditions will certainly offer the ultimate trading possibilities to any investor. To ensure a successful experience, traders have access to:

  • High Leverage Levels– Up to 1:200 on more than 19 Commodities CFDs
  • Detailed Market News – Keeping investors in touch with the latest market events.
  • Trading Central– Includes rich analytics and provides freedom of customization to investors.
  • Free Integrated Analytical Tools– Combining market analysis from the above well-known third-party data provider with the latest charts and indicators is the perfect trading strategy recipe.
  • Extensive Multilingual Customer Support – Ensuring a complete training for each new ClickTrader that’s interested in the financial markets.

ClickTrades Offers CFDs on All Tradable Instruments

Catering to each type of trader, ClickTrades offers a platform designed to provide accessibilityand user-friendlytrading experiences through all its integrated tools

The platform gives traders access to over 2.100 CFDinstruments on 7 asset classes: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, ETFs, Shares, Indices and Commodities.

By joining, you too can experience unmatchable trading conditions on any CFD instrument, such as:

  • High leverage levels, up to 1:200 for CFDs on more than 26 Indices
  • Tight Spreadsfor CFDs on more than 55 Forex Currency Pairs
  • CFDs on Shares from 20 major markets such as Apple, Amazon and all the popular ones

The extensive range of special trading conditionsand asset offeringscan be used to expand a trading portfolio and knowledge, by understanding details of the impact and movement experienced by each asset.

Learning to interpret each instrumentwhile working on a platform developed with the latest technology – WebTrader, will give an investor the ability to include various techniques into a completestrategy.

Unique Features of the WebTrader Platform

The platform offered by Clicktrades is the WebTrader – a powerfulplatformbuilt on the latest technologies, that traders can use to open positions on all CFD instruments from a single window.

Because the broker is committed to provide accessibility, it works on both mobileand desktopdevices, providing:

  1. Negative Balance Protection – Making sure that an investor never loses more than the funds that he has deposited into his account.
  2. Risk Management Tools –Control trading risks by using Limit and Stop Orders for easier position management.
  3. Broad Range of Instruments –Gain more trading knowledge by understanding each CFD instrument and its variables.
  4. FreeAnalysisTools – Developed to offer full versatility and better comprehension of the financial markets.
  5. Latest Chartist Methodologies – Improve trading strategies using updated analytical tools and indicators.

If a truly enhanced trading session is the result investors are looking for, they will certainly find any featurethey require inside this user-friendly trading system.

Fully customizableand with integratedfeaturessuch as Trading Central,  negative balance protection, multiple analytical tools, indicators and the latest chartist methodologies – WebTrader becomes a modern platform that meets the needs of traders around the world.

Trading Central – Improving Strategies with Complex Market Research

Trading Central has unmatched market coverageand contains key technical detailswhich can sustain a clear understanding of the market variables for each CFD instrument.

Being a certified research provider, the analysis tool is constantly supporting today’s investors by offering complex educational experiences and financial solutions.

Daily strategiesor long-term planscan be improved through the system’s 5 main features:

  1. Detailedinsightsfor the CFDinstrumentswidelytradedby investors
  2. Fundamentaland technicalanalysisfor speakers of otherlanguages
  3. Absoluteaccessto universalresearchto browse all thetradingconcepts
  4. Alertsand stopsignsthat are easy to interpretand work out the trader’s market intuition
  5. Trustworthy information from verified sourcesso that investors never have to worry about double-checking facts

    Developed as a dynamic analysis tool, the system generates trading indicatorsbased on factual analysiswith the goal of providing a mechanical method that should aid investors in their strategies.

The Demo Version of WebTrader

In addition, ClickTrades offers a demoversionof the WebTrader, which traders can use with the purpose of practicing and testing out strategies.

Since the demo platform uses virtualfunds, a risk-free trading environmentis created which works in real-timeand has the same analyticalsystemsas the real one, integrated within it.

The goal of this demo version is giving traders a better comprehension of the CFD markets, by granting access to a simulation of trading situations.

Extensive Account Types for All Trader Types

Investors that wish to join ClickTrades can open an account by depositing the standard sum of $250.
In short, the broker offers 3 main account types, which are the following:

  • ClickTrades Essential
  • ClickTrades Original
  • ClickTrades Signature

All of these accounts will offer traders access to the WebTrader platform, multilingual customer support, access to the demo platform version and to daily market research.

There are other special conditions which can be unlocked, such as:

  1. One-on-one meetings with the designated account representative– Each trained representative will pay attention to the custom needs of investors to ensure that all their questions are answered.
  2. Full access to the Video Library– Make your way through accurate trading lessons and explained concepts.
  3. Special trading conditions– So that every ClickTrader makes the most out of his trading sessions.

Access to all of these features and many more can be done by enhancing a selected account plan. The only downside would be the restricted jurisdictions, which will not allow the establishment of accounts for clients from Japan, Canada and the USA.

Intensive Customer Support Services and Trained Teams

The company’s mainfocusis to create a customer-centric approachfor its clients. Each representative will ensure that traders, regardless of their experience, get their inquiry answered as soon as possible, and are guidedtowards a customsolutionthat will guarantee future stability.

Adding to the greatabundanceof options available for traders and the flexibilityshown when creating accounts, the broker distinguishes itself through the highly-trained customer support representativeswhich will aid a trader from the first day of his subscription.

The support teams can be reached through the Live Chat option, e-mail or through the international phone number provided on site.

Market News That Provide In-Depth Insights

ClickTrades has any investor covered with the latest news, keeping them connected to the markets.

By providing relevantinformationabout the globalmarketevents, the broker wishes to educate traders by making them understand what type of events have an impact on each CFD instrument.

Investors that want to take their strategies to a professional level should carefully monitor market events happening around the world, as they are crucialfor a well-developed strategy.

These can provide informationthat plays an important role when buildingtradingtechniquesand ultimately lead to better risk-management measures.

Multiple Reasons Why Traders Should Consider Choosing ClickTrades

Starting with a vastarrayof featuresand trading conditions, any trader will find guidance for his financial journey. By providing everytoolnecessary for market interpretation, the broker aims to help traders make educateddecisionson their own.

ClickTrades stands out from other brokers in more than one aspect: customtailoredsolutionsfor each trader and an expansivearrayof CFD instruments.

Choosing ClickTrades can unlockmanytradingoptionsfor investors, such as marketanalysisreportsand reward policiesthat any client can benefit from.

These bonuses and rewards are included in the brand’s promotion campaigns and will be changing from time to time, as the broker is keen on offering a completeexperienceto investors.

All of the bonus campaigns will have their own terms and conditionswhich must be accepted before participationand will varywith the purpose of bringing versatilityand innovationinto the life of a trader.

Become a proud ClickTrader today and improve your trading sessions!