The benefits of construction site welfare units

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When you plan a construction project, you are creating a particular type of working environment that can bring with it tough conditions, often based outside, without mains connections to water or electricity.

A construction site welfare unit can therefore ensure that all employees working on your project have access to the amenities they need to keep clean and comfortable while they complete their job, such as clean water, toilets and changing rooms.

Legislation requires clients and contractors behind such projects to provide access to these kinds of facilities to satisfy the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007.

Construction site welfare units are designed to meet HSE site requirements, and are available in different sizes with a range of facilities to suit the number and type of workers needed for your project.

What are the benefits of construction site welfare units?

Amenities all onsite

The units come equipped with toilets, a kitchen area with a kettle, sink, and microwave, running hot water and lighting. A dining area may be included, and a changing area is often incorporated if special clothing is required for the job or work is to be done during times of wet weather.

As there is no mains connection, power is provided by a generator, and a chemical toilet can replace the traditional flush. A seating area is often included so workers have a clean, dry place to relax during their breaks. An office space can prove to be useful addition, allowing administrative tasks such as paperwork, meetings and planning related to the project to be carried out onsite, in one convenient space.


Hiring these units cuts down the time workers would otherwise spend having to seek out facilities such toilets and catering, if such amenities were not provided onsite. By ensuring your workers have everything they need within easy walking distance of their working area, productivity is boosted and the comfort of staff is maintained without any hassle.

Security and peace of mind

The units can be locked up and kept secure, which means valuable tools and documents can be stored onsite for easy access without any risk of loss or theft. Protective clothing is required by some jobs, and can be stored onsite, ready to be put on at the start of the day and changed out of at the end. Staff can also store their personal belongings safely, enhancing their comfort and providing peace of mind.


Both mobile and static construction site welfare units are available and have different advantages. Static units are designed to be in one place throughout the whole project, whereas mobile welfare units are specially designed to be convenient to be moved around a site.

Mounted on wheels, mobile units can be towed by a car and are incredibly easy to install. Static units are most practical for many onsite projects, whereas mobile units are favoured for other kinds of work, for example where an outdoor laboratory is used, or on archaeological sites where the focus of the working day tends to move over time.

Built-in sustainability

All modern construction site welfare units meet the current HSE standards and are equipped with the latest technology to do so as efficiently as possible. Some incorporate Ecosmart technology, which includes environmentally sound features such as motion-activated lighting and energy efficient diesel heating. This makes them a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Maintaining a good reputation

When you hire high-quality welfare units for your staff, not only are you upholding the law, you are providing convenient, practical support and comfort to your workers, which will impress current and future employees as well as any site visitors you may have. This makes them a vital addition to any project carried out by a reputable business.