The benefits of a paperless business

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With more and more companies going paperless, many might be wondering if they and their company should take the leap too.

When running a business, one major focus will usually be how to streamline your operations, cutting down on both time and costs. Whilst not necessarily a solution to every problem, going paperless can provide numerous different benefits, both for your business and for the planet, including the following:

E-Signatures Are More Secure

Moving your business documents to an online space can make them more secure, adding security measures (e.g. encryption and password access) that offline spaces simply cannot. By making the move to paperless, you can therefore help to protect your business’s sensitive, confidential data. E-signature solutions are the modern-day way in which to get documents signed and filed easily, quickly, efficiently and securely.

Additionally, by turning your operations digital, you can also help to make signing documents more secure, with private details in the contract protected with passwords and other layers of security.

It Saves Time and Money to Sign Online

On the topic of e-signatures, going paperless and investing in e-sign technology can also help a business to streamline the contract signing process, saving considerable amounts of time.

This in turn can make for happier clients and partners, able to access any and all relevant documents at the click of a button, and saving their own time by signing contracts whenever is most convenient for them.

With offline signing, businesses can spend days, and even weeks trying to get the relevant parties in a room to sign the document, whereas with e-signing, those needing to sign can do this from anywhere, any time of the day. This can significantly speed up the process in which contracts are signed, saving a business time, and thereby boosting its efficiency.

Additionally, paper can come with numerous different costs, from printing to shipping to storage and ink. By becoming a paperless business, you can help to save on all of these costs that come with using paper.

Declutters the Office With Fewer Documents

Paperwork will always take up space in an office, which can cause clutter, and result in a less enjoyable workplace environment. By going paper free, you can open up the office a considerable amount, giving employees more room whilst making the space a tidier, and more optimised working environment.

Lesser Environmental Impact with E-Signatures

Going paperless can also have major benefits for the environment. Reports show there are approximately 160,000 trees cut down a day for paper. By turning your business paperless, you can help to reduce this impact, lowering your carbon footprint, and doing more for the planet.

All Industries Can Use E-Signatures Effectively

Unlike some other technological solutions that exist when it comes to office management and company running, e-signature solutions can be used across the world and across industries ranging from health and dental practices offering specific treatments that need signatures, like emergency dental work (read more) to car dealerships, construction companies and legal companies. There are very few industries who are in practice unable to move their legal and contractual signatures online and the industry is only improving. 

Is It Difficult to Go Paperless?

As with any major transition, it can take work to make the switch to paperless. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. There’s lots of information out there on effectively transitioning into a paperless business; from how to move certain operations online to how various e-signature solutions are implemented.

One vital thing to do when considering this transition is plan effectively, as this can help to firstly establish the feasibility of going paperless, and subsequently how to execute this with as minimal disruptions as possible.