Summer Tyre Care Tips to Keep Your Tyres Rolling!

Your tyres are an integral component of your vehicle, the only point of contact with the road. Therefore, they require special attention and extra care during summers. Here are few summer tyre care tips that will help you keep your car tyres as fit as a fiddle.

During summers, always check the inflation pressure on regular intervals, especially when you are going on a long trip. It is advised to inflate the tyres to the recommended level as written in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. This is because lower tyre pressure leads to poor fuel economy and decreased steering and brake control as well.

Before you hit the road during summer season, remember to check on the tyre treads as tyre tread separation can occuronce the internal heat reaches its limit. Keeping a strict check on tyre tread is important as worn-out tyre tread can affect traction and handling. If the tyre tread has reached its minimum limit, remember to replace your tyres and always make sure to buy tyres from a trusted garage. For instance, you can upgrade your car with the right set of tyres. Shop performance tyres in Birmingham at Plume Tyres and book online without paying anything upfront.

Tyre rotation is an important part of tyre care regime and helps a lot in increasing the longevity of your tyres. Consider rotating your tyres after every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres. Doing this will help in avoiding uneven wear and increase the tread life. It will also ensure a safer and smoother driving experience.

As a car owner, you should always be well aware of the condition of your tyres, this includes your spare tyres as well. It’s better to know how to keep your tyres safe in various weather conditions. Always visually inspect your car tyres to make sure that they’re roadworthy. If you notice anything unusual on its surface, do consult a professional. Also make sure that your wheels are properly aligned or balanced to give their best performance on road.

Another trick is to wash the tyres at regular intervals and wax them so that they are able to withstand summer heat. Cleaning and waxing will stop them from drying and wearing out too soon.

Remember that in order to maintain an accurate tyre pressure, valves play a vital role. The valves prevent leakage of air pressure and helps in maintaining the right tyre pressure. Hence, always ensure that your valves are in good condition and always have a cap on them. Many times, that valve cap is lost, and we remain unaware of it. The valve cap also protects from water or dust seeping into the tyre, therefore it should be taken into consideration.

We hope that by following all the above tyre care tips, your summer driving will be safe and smooth!