Static vs Rotating Residential Proxies: Key Concepts

Wondering what the difference between static and rotating residential proxies is? Want to know which you should use? Read on to find out more about rotating Vs static residential Proxies right now.

Static vs Rotating Residential Proxies: Key Concepts

What are proxies?

Proxies are secondary servers that are used to make web requests on your behalf, allowing you, and your IP address to remain anonymous.

What is a static proxy?

Static proxies are proxies that use a fixed IP address to carry out your web request for you for as long as you require them to do so.

What is a rotating proxy?

Rotating proxies change their IP regularly, This can change with each new web request or every time you reboot the device you are using the proxy on. However, there are very few unique IP addresses left, which means they may need to cycle through a limited number.

Static/Non-Rotating Residential Proxies: Pros and Cons

 When deciding whether to opt for static or rotating residential proxies, it is important that you investigate the pros and cons properly, which is why we have listed the most important below.


  • Static proxies only use one IP address, which means they are typically cheaper than rotating proxies
  • They are the perfect solution for individuals (or companies) who simply want to hide their IP address for privacy reasons, or for people who would like to reduce lag when using various streaming media


  • You may have to share IP addresses with several users, which could cause a slowdown in your online activities or lead to bans from various websites due to the activities of others. However, paying for a dedicated static residential proxy would solve this particular problem.
  • Could potentially be traced

 Pros and Cons of a Rotating Residential Proxy

Below you will find the pros and cons of using rotating residential proxies:


  • Can handle making a high number of requests without arousing suspicion, which means they are ideal for companies that must collect a large amount of data
  • Ideal for opening multiple accounts on social media
  • Almost impossible to trace


  • More expensive than a static setup

How to Choose the Best Rotating Residential Proxy Provider

If you have decided that rotating residential proxies are the ideal solution for you, then you may be wondering how to choose the best rotating residential proxy provider. This is actually a lot easier than you may think. First of all, you are going to want to ensure that the company you choose offers 24-hour customer service and numerous locations for their IP addresses.

Then, you are going to want to make sure that you were dealing with an ethical company when you buy residential rotating proxies. You can do this by ensuring that the rotating residential proxy provider you choose only uses IP addresses provided by real users who have signed an official contract stating that they are happy for the company to have access. So often, IP addresses are provided without the content of the user and this is something that you absolutely want to avoid, so be sure to do your due diligence before signing with a provider.