How to Use Face ID With Sunglasses

Summer has just begun. It’s bright and sunny out, so it’s time to dust off those shades. You have to protect your eyes against those harmful rays. Sunglasses on, you are ready for fun in the sun. But, is your phone?

Imagine you’re lounging by the pool. The air is warm, and you have a cold drink in your hand. You’re wearing your stylish shades, which have gotten many compliments. Enjoying the summer sun, you’re relaxing on a lounge chair. You grab your phone to check if there are any new notifications. Plus, you want to check if there’s a new casino online. Then, your phone vibrates. You realize that the Face ID didn’t recognize your face because of your sunglasses. How annoying!

How to Get Face ID to Work With Sunglasses

You don’t want to have to use your greasy, sweaty fingers on your spotless screen. So, how can you make it work? Here are a couple of ways to solve this issue.

Change Your Face ID Settings

One way you can get your Face ID to work while you’re wearing sunglasses is to change the settings. The following steps will help guide you through this process. First, open the Settings app by tapping on it. The icon looks like turning gears. Next, scroll down to the third section (not including the Apple ID settings). Keep scrolling until you see Face ID & Passcode. It’ll have a green square with a face as its icon. Tap to open it.

Then, enter your numerical iPhone password, the same one you normally use to get into your phone. You’ll see one set of options for when to use your Face ID. Under that, you’ll see Set Up an Alternate Appearanceand Reset Face ID. Below the latter, you’ll see a section titled Attention. There will be a toggle, which is labeled Require Attention for Face ID. Click on that toggle to change it from green to grey.

Below this toggle, there is an explanation of what this does. It explains that the TrueDepth camera provides more security. The Face ID is only activated if you’re looking directly at the iPhone. Sunglasses may block this attention detection. Therefore, if you turn off this feature, your Face ID should work even if you’re wearing sunglasses.

However, while this will solve your problem, it does decrease the level of security. If you want to keep the same level of protection, there is another option. Instead of changing the Face ID settings, you can change the sunglasses.

Get New Sunglasses

If you’re willing to invest in a new pair of sunglasses, this may be a good option for you. Although many sunglasses block the attention detection feature, some don’t. When shopping for sunglasses, bring your iPhone with you. Try on the sunglasses, and check to see if you can use your Face ID with them.

Make sure you check a variety of different styles. Even within any particular brand, certain models work with Face ID while others don’t. If you look online, many sunglasses have reviews that tell you if they are Face ID-friendly or not. A little additional research will help you find the perfect sunglasses to wear while using your iPhone.

This is the best option if keeping your phone safe is essential to you. Rather than sacrificing your security, you can simply swap out your glasses. Perhaps it’s time for some new stylish shades anyway.


If you’re struggling to get Face ID to work while you’re wearing sunglasses, there are two solutions. First, you can turn off the setting that imposes this restriction. With this option, you can keep your favorite pair of shades. However, this will make your phone less secure. The other option is simply purchasing new sunglasses. Certain styles of sunglasses still work with Face ID. So, if you want security and you’re willing to buy new sunglasses, that’s the option for you.

Now imagine you’re enjoying the summer sun and relaxing by the pool. You feel the warm air against your skin while enjoying a cold drink. You’re wearing your brand new stylish shades. This pair has gotten even more compliments. You grab your phone to check it, and your Face ID lets you right in!