Start a hair salon business – Get a seamless experience with the right software

Hair Salon

Have you been dreaming of starting a business of your own? If yes, a hair salon can certainly be a safe bet as the beauty industry is seen to generate more than $65 billion every year where hair care only contributes 25% of the total revenue.

A hair salon can not only be a lucrative business but also a steady one. But before you start off with it, you need to have a strong preparation and plan. Beauty industry often remains untouched even during economic recession. Even though you may possess the best styling skills, it can be a challenging process to launch the business.

The cost of starting your own salon is around $70,000 if you opt for a basic setup but for an advanced setup, costs may spur up to $500,000 or more than that. Regardless of how much you invest in a new business, there are several other things that you need to handle while owning a salon business.

Handling a salon business with the best salon software

It is usually a difficult task to embark on your first-time journey of being a salon manager. With the myriad of things you need to focus on, sometimes buying the right software that could help you with online scheduling system wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. We’ll help you with the entire idea of seeking help of one of the best salon software called the Versum scheduling software. Read on to know on its services, features and benefits.

Ends your race against time

Starting off with a salon business will leave you running a rat race. Join hands with this tool in order to make your task easy and fast. All you need is automation as time-taking tasks are currently considered a thing of past. Versum is the best salon online scheduling software that gives you automatic reminders on client appointments, automates your marketing and keeps a database of all your customers.

Lets you handle salon with ease

When you’re not taking resort to any salon software, you might get stressed trying to juggle between the different tasks of handling a salon. However, tackling these tasks can get stress-free and pleasant when you join hands with Versum. This salon software lets you create a motivating and efficient team, supervise on all your accounts, equipments and products, schedule beauty appointments and helps you be in control all the time. Employee management and stock control gets easier with Versum.

Lures more customers towards your salon

Thanks to the modern marketing tools of this salon scheduling software that you can stay an edge over others. Once you start using this salon software, you’ll know how to attract more customers and also retain your older ones. It lets your clients schedule an appointment online and you can just sit back and relax by seeing your calendar fill up with dates. There are email and text campaigns, 24X7 online booking and loyalty programs as well.

Get a taste of the success you’ve achieved

Was it a nightmare to generate statistics and reports? If yes, you can change this with the help of this salon software. With a click of a button, you can get a detail on the finances of the salon, customer satisfaction and sales values. You’ll get to like figures when you use this software. Sales statistics and financial reports, real time audit of cash and employee effectiveness reports can be derived with ease. In short, you can measure your success.

Therefore, if you’ve stepped into the beauty industry and tried your luck in becoming a salon entrepreneur, you must check out the above listed features of Versum to create an automated schedule for booking customers.

Photo by Manu M. on Unsplash