Say2B: A powerful & feature-packed customer loyalty program

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Building customer loyalty is critical to the long-term success of any business. A loyal customer is likely to buy almost 3 times more compared to your other customers.

The benefits of building an effective loyalty program include improved customer retention and acquisitions, generating more repeat business, improved up-selling, reduced service costs, reduced marketing costs, improved brand image, and gaining a strong competitive edge. But building loyalty is one of the biggest challenges for business owners, managers, and marketing professionals. Say2B is a proven application that helps you build customer loyalty and manage your customer relationship. It simplifies the task and helps address things from different perspectives.

Explore the key features in this review that make this app important for all businesses.

Makes it Simple to Reward Your Customers

Create different types of rewards and keep drawing your customers back for more while generating more sales from them. Offer gifts, discounts, and coins. The process is quite simple in this regard. All you have to do is find the customer within the app that you want to reach out with the rewards and use the ‘make gift’ button. Choose from different Gift Templates and send out to them.

Rewarding customers offers many benefits, including the following:

  • Building stronger connection
  • Increasing profits
  • Build your brand image

Reach Out to Non Say2B Users

You can also use the loyaly software to build customer loyalty among those customers who are not using this app. All you have to do is to get your customers’ emails to reward them with coins or to allow them to withdraw their coins. This means that you can reward them to become part of your loyalty program with an incentive. Send them their gift and the option to login and join your brand name within Say2B. Studies show that it becomes much easier to include customers within loyalty programs when incentivized.

Send out Personalized Notifications

Personalized messages help boost conversions, customer retention, and make your marketing campaigns more effective. It has been found to be a highly efficient strategy  to draw both new and old customers back and generate more business. Say2B again makes it a breeze for you to create and send out personalized notifications.

You can create highly targeted personalized mail broadcasts in the form of campaigns. Select your target audience by setting the relevant parameters. This includes many parameters, including the following:

  • Distance
  • Age Group
  • Gender
  • Birthday within the next X days
  • Brand awareness
  • Interested Categories

Once you have set the parameters for your targeted audience, you can configure the campaign settings including the number of people you want to reach, how often the campaign should be repeated, the dates, and time the campaign should run between. You can also manage your broadcast campaigns with ease from the settings.

Besides these features, Say2B also helps you gain valuable insights into what your customers’ needs are. It makes it easy for you to gather ideas and learn about customer issues and concerns. Get feedbacks and learn about the problem areas so that you can create the right solutions. It also gives you the opportunity to communicate effectively with your customers.

Say2B has been developed to draw happier customers to your business. It makes it easy for businesses to reach out and communicate to their customers over their mobile devices. The application has evolved over the years to become more effective and provide the ideal solution for building customer loyalty.

It is a cost-effective solution to help your business succeed. Plans start from a Free option that allows you to send out 100 free personalized messages. The professional plan allows you to reach out to your targeted audience what 1500 free personalized messages, with unlimited features for just $99/mo, making it an excellent option for most businesses.