Samuel Leach: The importance of productivity in isolation

Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach, CEO and founder of Samuel & Co Trading, provides a variety of programs and lessons for foreign exchange (also known as forex, FX) and algo-traders.

To accommodate both the student who is an aspiring trader with no experience or the student who is an advanced professional looking to refine their craft, Leach manifests his talent into successful modules at all levels.

Now that individuals have an unprecedented amount of time at home, Leach correctly argues that there is no better time to develop a profitable new skill, especially foreign exchange trading.

Leach believes that there is no better time to learn skills that “could make you more employable, and provide you with more earnings by allowing a more flexible income.” He encourages others to tackle isolation by “taking your passion and turning it into multiple income streams.” This is especially possible through his program, Samuel & Co Trading.

Leach founded Samuel & Co Trading in 2012. His system generates consistent returns and offers traders with initial capital to actually make money. For example, most traders at Samuel & Co complete the Junior Trader Program. The Program uniquely offers participants the chance to cash out up to 20,000 GBP to trade with.

Leach emphasizes the importance of staying positive and productive during quarantine. In his opinion, the reality of the Coronavirus is truly sinking in, and the traditional options to entertain ourselves are becoming repetitive. To stay occupied, Leach advises to “take a more challenging approach and allocate your time to things you’ve always wanted to do.” This will allow you to make the most of a life on lockdown while also providing you with an opportunity to increase your income.

Samuel & Co Trading’s Live Lectures & The Real Forex Trader Series 2

Samuel and Co Trading’s interest has skyrocketed since social distancing measures began. To meet the demand, Leach is hosting a series of live lectures. These lectures entail weekly foreign exchange market lessons for those looking to break into foreign exchange trading.

He will personally present all sessions and will explain trading topics in detail for 90 minutes on Thursdays at 6PM, GMT time. Lessons are not cut-off however, and are held all the way up until every relevant strategy in both the FX and Stock markets for that lesson are covered.

Each live recorded lesson is created with the student in mind. The goal is to enable each trader, whether at the beginner or advanced stage, gain practical benefits to improve their trading. In each weekly class, seasoned traders will lead in-depth discussions on how to successfully trade in the FX and Stock markets. The lessons will cover a different topic every week.

Although students are able to ask questions directly in the lecture, each lesson also includes a Q&A session for students to ask Leach any questions that were not already addressed.

The lessons are cost-effective, and allow the student to learn from a seasoned trader with live trading experience. When enrolling for a four lesson subscription, students can save 20% on enrollment fees. The lectures are recorded and sent to each participant to accommodate conflicting schedules. Additional resources also include extra bonus lectures on how to use the BeastMode and Fusion programs, self-improvement YouTube videos, and informative podcasts.

On Wednesday, April 29th, Samuel & Co Trading’s YouTube channel will launch The Real Forex Trader Series 2. The program takes place over four weeks in the United Kingdom. It is filmed for other traders to “binge-watch” and learn from the extreme intellectual challenges and advice provided to them from the program’s founders.

For the series, eighteen applicants with absolutely no trading experience are selected and thrown into “the deep end of the financial markets.” Each participant trades with a Demo account, followed by a live account with Samuel & Co Trading. Participants are mentored by Samuel Leach and a team of experts on how to improve their craft and ensure long-term trading success.

About Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach grew up in a working-class family in England. His father, a cartographer, neglected to enroll himself in any professional development. In favor of global positioning systems (GPS), cartography jobs no longer exist. This unfortunately rendered his father’s skills antiquated.

In Leach’s informed opinion, his father’s career exemplifies why professionals should practice continuing professional education. Ironically, Leach had a poor experience with an FX trading course early in his studies at the University of Hertfordshire.

As a result, he was forced to rely only on himself to conduct the art of paper trading. He used a student loan of 2,000 Great Britain Pounds (GBP) to trade from 16 to 18 hours a day over 12 to 18 months. He eventually turned that 2,000 GBP into over 170,000 GBP. This experience not only sprung him into the world of trading, but also into recognizing his potential to educate up-and-coming traders with similar aspirations.