Renowned Wholesaler Watch Trading Co. Expands Into Retail Amidst Pandemic

Across the globe, the world’s economy felt the widespread and devastating effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Even the usually strong luxury watch sector, perennially bolstered by its wealthy clientele’s casual relationship with money, faced a startling 23 percent drop in the market thanks to coronavirus.

In the face of adversity, long-time player in the wholesale game Watch Trading Co. seized the opportunity presented by the last year and a half to shift its focus into a new area of the luxury watch industry: retail.

Offering an extensive range of watches from Rolex to Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, Watch Trading Co. has something to offer every timepiece connoisseur and is well-known for its ability to source the most exclusive and rarest models around. Holding a comprehensive worldwide network, Watch Trading Co. can quickly find the exact watch a customer desires even if they don’t have it immediately on hand. Likewise, this global grid of collaborators has likewise highly attuned the company to the international market trends, allowing them to price accordingly and anticipate the next shifts in demand.

“In today’s market, we have to follow the markets globally,” says Watch Trading Co. “We do not just pull prices out of the air. Instead, they are all based on different trends around the world. What’s interesting in the watch industry is that everyone focuses on such a small market that they misinterpret and misunderstand the magnitude and size of the global market.”

Watch Trading Co.’s foray into the retail sector has even had the unexpected result of bolstering the back and forth between it and its wholesale business, with the company’s founder remarking “We sell wholesale higher in parts of the world for more than what we can get retail in the U.S. It almost makes my retail and wholesale business compete against each other in a way.”

The company’s efficient methods, built on years of expertise and a passion for the industry, have garnered Watch Trading Co. plenty of attention from watch-lovers all over the map, resulting in more than 250,000 followers on its regularly updated Instagram. For further information on Watch Trading Co. and its unparalleled stock of luxury watches, visit Watch Trading Co.’s website for more.