PhenQ Review: Can This Weight Loss Supplement Help Your Dieting Efforts?

Whether you’re on a weight loss journey to get rid of some love handles or you’re in a cutting phase to maximize the tone of your muscle mass, there are always inevitable roadblocks to your progress.

And the problem with weight loss supplements is that most of them are as effective as staring at your gym pass for exercise.

However, when we heard positive comments about how effective PhenQ had been to help some friends lose weight, we had to take a closer look.

And our dietitian found some interesting things about the ingredients.

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a dietary supplement that combines natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to impact body fat and help people lose weight.

And according to TotalShape, it doesn’t just target your fat.

With many positive reports about appetite suppression, it should also help you avoid the yo-yo effect of further weight gain.

What’s also great is that you can order it for a risk-free trial. If you don’t get the results you expect within 60 days, then you take advantage of the refund guarantee.



  • Helps the weight loss process through thermogenic ingredients
  • Seems to work well to improve mood and energy levels
  • May help you better deal with food cravings
  • Bulk-order discounts are very good value for money
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • It’s not the cheapest supplement, but you get high-quality ingredients

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ works by targeting two natural responses in the body.

First of all, it will trigger a metabolic effect called thermogenesis which raises your core body temperature slightly by burning more calories.

Combined with a healthy, low-calorie diet, that will mean that you lose fat more effectively.

Secondly, it will help make your stomach feel full for longer. So if you take PhenQ just before a meal, then you may be able to bridge the gaps between meals to keep your calorie intake down and your weight loss up.

It’s the perfect approach to avoid constantly fluctuating weight.

PhenQ Ingredients

What makes this fat burner stand out from the rest is the unique blend of powerful thermogenic ingredients, according to Westword.

Here are the five main ingredients that you should be aware of with a quick explanation of what they do.

1. Capsimax

This is a combination of cayenne pepper extract, vitamins, and some caffeine to trigger the main thermogenic effect. All the ingredients support metabolic activity that directly targets fat reserves and promotes weight loss.

There’s also some added piperine, which has been shown to help speed up the digestion of micronutrients, which should make PhenQ a fast-acting supplement.

2. Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a trace element that is quite common in different types of food. But in a concentrated form, it may help you curb carb cravings, which often lead to snacking on sugary treats.

By cutting out more carbs and sugar, you can stabilize your blood sugar levels, reduce fat production and avoid body weight gain.

3. Caffeine

While the above Capsimax has some caffeine included, it’s not enough to get the full thermogenic boost that a good dose of caffeine can provide.

Caffeine has been studied extensively, and combined with a healthy diet during a weight loss routine; it can effectively burn fat, especially visceral and adipose tissue.

Just keep an eye on your coffee drinking, as too much stimulation could result in jitters.

4. Nopal

The nopal cactus is high in fiber which swells up into a gel-like substance in your stomach. It gives you a longer sensation of feeling full, which can further help to curb hunger cravings and make losing weight that bit easier.

5. L-Carnitine

This essential amino acid plays an important role in the process that transforms released fat into energy. If this process became a bottleneck, then the fat loss would slow down, and you could hit that dreaded plateau again.

PhenQ Side Effects

The big question always is whether triggering a fat-burning process comes with side effects that you need to be aware of.

The good news is that similar to other weight loss supplements in this category, the PhenQ supplement doesn’t have any known side effects.

With the right eating habits, it is more likely to improve your health and stop new fat cells from forming.

But you always need to look out for any ingredients that you might have a known allergy to.

And, keep in mind that there’s caffeine in PhenQ, so be careful when you time your coffee drinking to avoid feeling jittery.

Where Should You Buy PhenQ?

The only place you should consider buying weight loss pills is on the official website. Fat burner supplements, in particular, have been identified as often sold as fake products, even on reputable websites.

And that’s simply not a risk worth taking with dietary supplements.

Burning fat should be safe and not come at the price of an upset stomach, so head over to the PhenQ website for your orders.

It’s also the only place where you’ll get the money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial.


Does PhenQ contain stimulants?

Yes, PhenQ contains stimulants that have been proven to promote healthy weight loss. The diet pills contain about as much caffeine as a large cup of coffee, which may also help reduce fatigue.

Can you take PhenQ every day?

Yes, you can take PhenQ every day, and it’s best to try and take it each day at the same time. That will make one bottle last a month, and you get the regular thermogenic effect to help you lose weight.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat?

Unlike other weight loss products, our testing and research have shown that combining PhenQ with a strict diet and a lower daily calorie intake should have a big impact on your body’s metabolism.

It should also help with appetite suppression making it easier to avoid unhealthy food so that you can make better progress on your stored fat.

Start your next step towards effective weight loss by ordering your first supply of PhenQ and see how well it works for yourself.

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