Proxy Market Insights 2023: Proxyway’s Annual Research Provides a Comprehensive Outlook to the Industry

Proxy server

Proxyway is a leading researcher and reviewer of the proxy and web scraping industry.

It released its annual Proxy Market Research Report for 2023. This comprehensive analysis offers insights into the proxy market, helping businesses and individuals to make informed decisions on the major services. It combines technical benchmarks, market analysis on a year-over-year basis, and aggregated survey data by the participants.

Proxies are an essential part of the web data industry – by masking a user’s IP address and real location, they help access large amounts of data. According to Proxy Market Research, e-commerce data collection is currently the dominant use case for proxy servers. Several surveyed providers reported that it constitutes around 50% of the revenue.

Looking into the future, one use case that has surfaced is data for AI models. The latest ChatGPT trend has sparked numerous discussions on the power of data-driven decisions in fields like machine learning. In response to this, multiple providers emphasized the need for accurate and large-scale data to train these models.

Drawing upon years of experience, Proxyway has examined the latest trends, developments, and emerging opportunities within the proxy market, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the current state and future of the industry.

What can be expected of the Proxy Market Research 2023?

  • A section on market trends based on a survey filled by 12 leading proxy providers and years of monitoring the market.
  • In-depth technical benchmarks on five proxy network types. Proxyway ran multiple tests throughout three weeks and made over 30 million connection requests to evaluate each provider’s performance.
  • Previous performance records that date back three years. Many of the companies appeared in Proxyway’s previous reports. This allowed the reviewer to track their progress over time.
  • Interactive evaluation graphs for easier comparison. Proxyway looked at the advertised and actual pool sizes of the proxy networks, their performance in ideal conditions and with real targets, available features, and pricing strategies.

Proxy Market Research is publicly available on Proxyway’s website. To access it, visit