Outsourced Sales and Marketing: What You Need To Know

New research released today by global career experts has found that four in five employers admit to hiring new recruits who would be better suited to a different role in the business than they were originally hired for.

Surviving market competition requires expertise and talent.

In an era where businesses have to constantly upgrade their processes, it can be difficult for the in-house sales team to handle excess pressure.

That’s why many enterprises rely on outside experts to take care of the task. Many organizations are outsourcing sales and marketing services to established companies.

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From planning and implementing digital marketing strategies to analyzing market trends, pursuing leads, and closing sales, the service provider takes responsibility for bringing more customers and promoting business. This allows organizations to use their resources for other tasks.

Statistics show that 67% of start-ups in the UK outsourced their services in 2019. Around 32% of businesses said they would outsource sales and marketing in 2020.

This is a rapidly growing industry. In fact, 70% of the accountants in the UK approve of outsourcing and call it a cost-effective method to manage a business.

However, business owners and management have a few concerns with outsourcing sales. Let’s address the issues in this post.

Reasons to Outsource Sales and Marketing 

Sales outsourcing is best suited for small and mid-sized organizations. It frees up the resources and allows for faster business expansion.

  • Save Time and Money 

Outsourcing sales processes reduces overhead costs. It also saves time and money on recruiting an in-house team, training new employees, and retaining them.

  • Speed up Business Growth 

Small businesses spend a lot of resources trying to expand their business. However, things come to a standstill at a certain point unless you invest more money. This can be solved by relying on outsourcing companies to manage vital departments like sales and marketing.

  • Access to Expertise 

Recruiting talented employees is difficult but accessing their skills and expertise through outsourcing is easy. You can use the services of a specialist without hiring them on the payroll.

  • Increase Productivity 

Business productivity increases when experienced people are on the job. Successfully closing more leads will result in better productivity and ROI for your organization.

  • Flexibility and Scalability


Flexibility is necessary for a business to make the most of volatile market conditions. But can a small business increase the sales team from two to thirty members in a couple of days? The answer is no.

However, an outsourcing company can provide the necessary support to scale your in-house team.

  • Enter New Markets 

Sales outsourcing companies offer a plethora of services. They constantly work on improving your business credibility and find new markets to increase success opportunities.

  • Handle Competition 

A competitor can easily overtake a small business. But this can be prevented by working with experts to increase brand awareness and visibility in the market.

Sales outsourcing will provide additional support to sustain a tough competitive market and retain your customer base.

Risk Factors to Consider 

Of course, outsourcing sales and marketing is not without risks. Business owners and managers should consider the risk factors and use them as yardsticks to choose the right outsourcing company.

  • Control Over the Processes 

Different outsourcing companies offer different services. It is important to determine if you want to retain control over the process or give full autonomy to the outsourcing company. Some companies offer both, allowing the business to choose the working model.

  • Communication 

How does the outsourcing company communicate with the clients? Though some businesses don’t mind offshore service providers, hiring someone from the UK will ensure easy interaction and access to local expertise.

Setting up in-person meetings with the outsourcing company will be cheap when you hire someone from within the country. Seamless communication is compulsory.

  • Quality and Transparency 

Hiring a sales outsourcing company is a chance you take for a better future. It is important, however, to choose a company that guarantees quality services and transparent pricing. Consider recommendations by other businesses from the niche and have a couple of meetings with the team before making the final decision.

  • Confidentiality 

You have to share confidential information with outsourcing companies. This is a huge risk. Trusting a dubious company can result in losses and bring ruin.

Read the T&C, ask about the company’s data security policy, and take the necessary precautions to minimize the risk.

  • Portfolio and Industry Experience 

Hiring an outsourcing company with domain/ industry-specific experience will bring better results. Go through the company portfolio to see if the team has worked with similar businesses. Contact previous clients to ask for their opinion about the service provider. For sales and marketing services, hire a sales outsourcing company.