Which Commission Model Supports Highest Forex Affiliate Earnings in 2022?

Do you want to make a long-term influx of revenue in a short span?

Well, the forex market is here for you where you can easily make a handsome gush of Forex Affiliate Earnings by monetizing your skills and time, getting into the forex affiliate market. However, forex affiliate marketing offers different business models through which a commission flow agreement takes place between a forex affiliate and a forex broker. In this article, we will talk about which commission model is profitable for you as a forex affiliate and how it works.

Business Value of Forex Affiliate Market

The ever-expanding forex market represents affiliate marketing in the forex industry. A cooperation scheme between an IB and a forex broker is called a forex affiliate. A company or a forex broker is one whose services and goods, an affiliate or IB is likely to sell out of. As per anticipation, about thirteen billion dollars were invested in affiliate marketing by advertisers worldwide in 2017 alone. The fact that these numbers have continued to rise shows how successfully this industry can operate even when pandemic outbreaks are present.

Given this, it is significant to highlight the fact that COVID-19, according to co-founder and CEO John Lincoln, “turned the affiliate marketing company upside down” in its first few months of operation. A survey done in 2016 by the Bank for International Settlements estimated $1.94 quadrillion worth of the FX market. According to a current analysis of 6.6 trillion daily trades, the market value of foreign exchange might reach $2.5 quadrillion by 2022. Therefore, investing your time and effort in the appropriate forex network is worth it.

Significance of Commission Models

How does an appropriate commission model help you to enhance forex affiliate earnings?  Let’s have a look at which commission model is profitable in 2022.

CPA Model

CPA stands for “cost per Acquisition” commonly known as the “Cost per Action Model”. In the forex affiliate business, this approach is regarded as a highly regarded and dependable commission plan. Due to this strategy, investors and marketers choose to pay a commission for a certain action. However, these particular acts could be as simple as joining up once, completing a form to receive leads, or engaging in trade. The sales team at the backend converts your leads into active customers, increasing your clients, references, and, of course, CPA commission all at once. In addition, in some partnership models, after the trader opens an account and meets the requirements of the broker, IB receives a commission all at once as per the terms of the agreement. Additionally, the major benefit of the CPA marketing model is that to receive payment, you must first successfully refer quality clients (forex traders) who adhere to the terms of the forex broker (your partner). All you have to do is use your persuasive marketing techniques to attract serious leads (traders) and comply with the requirements set forth by the FX broker (signing up & start trade).


Cost per Lead is referred to as CPL. A qualifying registration, or when a suggested client supplies their contact information and establishes an account with the broker, results in a one-time payment of the CPL commission. In this instance, the lead may choose not to fund his account, but the partner is still paid a commission for opening the account. The CPL commission rate is significantly lower than the CPA plan.

Revenue share Model

As the name suggests, a commission is paid to the affiliate based on the profits made by the business as a result of the trading activity of the referred client. The revenue sharing program is for the customer’s lifetime, as opposed to the CPA and CPL compensation models, which suggest one-time payouts. As long as the client trades with the broker and makes money, the partner will continue to receive his affiliate commission.

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Forex partnership programs are legitimately one of the greatest and quickest ways to succeed in the trading business. You might question, “How did Forex affiliate programs become so well-known?” because they permit independence and limitless financial possibilities. You can earn good money without working an office job. While some Forex partners view affiliate programs as a viable additional source of income, others view them as a full-time business that accounts for the majority of their income. The payout plans for forex affiliates differ in every partnership agreement. However, based on the above discussion, the CPA payout plan seems to be highly profitable and appreciated among the forex affiliates.