Organizations that help problem gamblers around the world

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Gambling is fun, but for some players, it can become exactly the opposite. Since gambling and winning produce emotional and psychological reactions in the brain, it’s an activity that can become quite addictive.

Not all gamblers will develop a gambling addiction, while some will have a problem after a few spins of the reels.

To support them, there are organizations in most countries that help problem gamblers. Their activities usually include self-assessment, advice, consultation and other services.

If you feel like you might be a problem gambler, find your country on the list and contact the service.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a country that absolutely adores gambling. Given that there are betting shops and casinos around every corner, being a problem gambler in the UK can be overwhelming. Unlike some other places in the world, gambling is very available for Brits. Here are some of the organizations that help problem gamblers in the UK:

Gamcare is the UK’s national provider of the free consultation that helps problem gamblers. The organization supports anyone that wants to work on themselves and manage their gambling problem. Next to communication channels such as phone, chat and email, Gamcare also has physical locations where you can ask for help.

BeGambleAware helps gambling addicts recover from their problematic habits and regain control over their lives. The organization also does a lot of work in raising awareness about gambling addiction among the general public. On its website, BeGambleAware offers a lot of different resources that clarify the exact categorization of gambling addiction and what it means to be a problem gambler.

Just like most countries have groups that anonymously deal with addicts and help them in their recovery, the UK has GamblersAnonymous for problem gamblers. There are group meetings going on in many locations in the UK, and they are free to join. You can also join chatrooms and forums to read about the experiences of other problem gamblers.

New Zealand

Even though New Zealand is a country with a small number of citizens, Kiwis are no foreigners to the temptations of gambling, and there is Kiwi online casino for real money in NZ to prove it. In order to maintain the balance and provide a safe gaming environment for the New Zealand population, these organizations help understand responsible gaming:

  • ChoiceNotChance 

ChoiceNotChance is an anti-gambling website that shows just how harmful gambling can become if you’re not careful. There are many interactive infographics on the site that will illustrate the behind-the-scenes peculiarities of why we love gambling so much. You can also find different sections that explain problem gambling, steps to take and what to do if someone you care about is addictively involved in gambling.

  • GamblingHelpline

New Zealand’s Gambling Helpline will connect you to experts who will help you reach your goals and stop the habit of problem gambling. The organization offers multiple ways to contact counsellors: via phone (free calls), texts or forums. It also has a lot of insightful info on what kind of impact problem gambling can have on individuals and their families.

PGF stands for Problem Gambling Foundation. It’s a New Zealand organization that offers free help to those suffering from gambling addiction. In the ‘Get help’ section, you will find a list of gambling addiction clinics in most major cities in New Zealand. There are also a lot of other useful facts and information, such as ‘pokie’ statistics and gambling facts.


Australia also has its fair share of problem gamblers, but there are also many organizations that support them. Here are some of the main associations in Australia that go a long way in helping gambling addicts recover and lead healthy lives:

  • GamblingHelpOnline

For Aussies that feel like their gambling has gotten out of hand, there is the Gambling Help Online service. The organization is divided into separate action points which tackle problem gambling from inside out. Whether you’re a problem gambler yourself or you want to help someone else, Gambling Help Online Australia has the resources to get you there.

GamblersHelp is an organization that helps problem gamblers in the Victoria area with a free consultation service open 24/7. The organization has helped thousands of gamblers so far and has promoted the importance of understanding gambling addiction in local communities.

LifeLine is Australia’s emergency line that is intended for any person that’s going through a crisis who feels like their life could be under threat. It is also available for problem gamblers who want to discuss their negative experiences and emotions and resolve their anger by talking to a professional.


Most of the major cities in Canada have their own local organizations that deal with the problems of gambling addiction, but there are also some that work on a country level. Here are two of the most important ones:

Canada Safety Council is not actually an anti-gambling organization per se, but it’s one of its major topics. Namely, the Canada Safety Council deals with all of the things that could pose a possible threat to the safety of individuals and communities, including gambling. The organization deals in education, prevention and outreach.

  • Problem Gambling

If you are a problem gambler who wants to solve their issues on their own, without exposing your thoughts, experiences or emotions, you can use some of the self-help resources on Problem Gambling website. If this is your first time educating yourself about the dangers of problem gambling, prepare to learn a lot because this website contains all you will need to get well again.

United States

The US has a high rate of problem gamblers. One of the most alarming statistics claims that up to 750,000 people between 14 and 21 are addicted to gambling. In the US, over 80% of adults gamble on a yearly basis, while 3-5% develop a gambling problem. Here are organizations that help those problem gamblers:

National Council on Problem Gambling is the main source of gambling addiction information for Americans and the first line of defence in fighting this important problem. It’s an organization that offers national support every second of the day and promotes the importance of understanding gambling traps.

1 800 Gambler is a free US helpline that helps problem gamblers tackle their addiction and move on to lead healthy, successful lives. The organization offers multiple ways to contact counsellors, but also information and brochures related to gambling. If you need a boost of inspiration, 1 800 Gambler also has a collection of success stories.