New Malden Taxis service – Unique products and services

Taxi sign

We have all used various taxi services in our daily travel. Taxi business is booming globally and new companies are emerging day by day.

Customers are always wondering about what is so unique with New Malden Taxis service that makes everyone want to ride with us. Our market viability made us get new services that are very important but always ignored by taxi service providers.

New Malden Taxis service uses Classic cars

Comfort is directly proportional to the vehicle that you will use during your transfer. At New Malden Taxis service, we have various luxury cars from which you can choose the one that you need to travel with. Family rides are often ignored by taxi service providers. We have family cars that can accommodate up to seven family members. How remarkable is that? We all know the joy of travelling with family. New Malden Taxis service uses classy car models including the Mercedes s-class to ensure that you sense the luxury

Female driver hire

Some people prefer to be served by the female crew. In most cases when a woman is going to an event that will be attended by a female only, they will always prefer a female driver. Moreover, women feel more comfortable in such a private space when they are with their female counterparts. However, men also love to be served by their female counterparts. At New Malden Taxis service, we have put all these situations into consideration and on request, you can get one of our beautiful female crew

Sporting events car hire

You may love to sport but you are unable to get a sporting car. You may also lack the opportunity of getting into a team to realize your dream. New Malden Taxis service offers sporting events car hire services at remarkably lower rates. We do not limit you on the time that you will take during your event. If by any chance an event was not completed at some point, you will always be given the priority to get the same car when the event resumes

Wedding transport

During weddings, we all need the event to be memorable. New Malden Taxis service can provide a fleet of cars for your wedding and for sure your wedding will remain a memorable occasion ever. You will also get the opportunity of choosing the car models that you will need in your wedding. These luxury services are at relatively lower prices. During the occasion, we do not limit you in matters concerning time. It is your day that you should enjoy with us, is it not?

Airport transfers

New Malden Taxis service is the most reliable airport transfer that you will ever use. Our rides are very comfortable. Besides, when using the New Malden Taxis service, you will always get to your destination on time. If you are new in the city, our drivers can give you a quick trip just for you to familiarize yourself with the environment.

These are some of the products New Malden Taxis service provides. More are coming.