Top 5 differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash


Are you planning to invest in cryptocurrencies? Usually, new crypto investors, when entering the crypto market, want to start with Bitcoin.

However, they get confused when they come across Bitcoin Cash. The price of Bitcoin is hovering around $36,500 while Bitcoin Cash is trading around $505 at the time of writing this article. With this huge difference in price, which will be a good option to invest in.

Whether you want to invest in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, you will need a reliable crypto exchange. So, choosing a trusted crypto exchange is essential to invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or in any other cryptocurrencies. In this article, you will find the top five differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. For more information you can visit trading platform

Key Differences Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

If you are not sure whether to invest in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, this guide will help you to choose the right one. Consider these five factors while finding an investing opportunity.

Price Comparison

In the beginning, I have mentioned the value of the two crypto assets at the time of writing this article. The values show that Bitcoin’s price is way above Bitcoin Cash, i.e., more than 70 times. However, there are several reasons behind it; the primary reason is Bitcoin Cash is quite young as compared to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash is yet to capture the market, and many people speculate that it can take a portion of Bitcoin’s market share. Since Bitcoin cash has addressed the scaling issues of Bitcoin, it can allow investors to invest in it with lower fees and with ease.

Advantages of Bitcoin Over Bitcoin Cash

As you know that Bitcoin is believed to be the original and first cryptocurrency, you will get the chance to trade Bitcoin in almost every crypto exchange. Moreover, it’s the base of all cryptocurrencies, and you will find the most crypto trading pairs with Bitcoin.

The key advantage of Bitcoin over Bitcoin Cash is its popularity among the crypto community. Additionally, it has been in the top position among all other cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin over Bitcoin Cash

The main concern of Bitcoin over Bitcoin Cash is the scalability issue.  Bitcoin costs more per transaction, slower and older as compared to Bitcoin Cash. So, as the sector grows, it can lose its importance in the crypto sector.

Another key issue with Bitcoin is the core team is not united as in other crypto teams. So, there is a division in groups that lack leadership. It makes the scaling issue quite difficult and more complex.

Advantages of Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin

The main advantage of Bitcoin Cash is cheaper than Bitcoin. Secondly, it’s faster to use, which makes it more scalable. That means more users can make transactions at a particular time.

Again, the development team is providing quick solutions that make Bitcoin Cash more scalable, and it can gain more adoption. It’s a great option for hedging against Bitcoin, and it’s cheaper to exchange.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin over Bitcoin Cash

One of the main disadvantages of Bitcoin Cash is, it’s not as popular as Bitcoin. As a result, investors have lost their confidence in Bitcoin Cash, and they rely more on Bitcoin.

Another disadvantage is that Bitcoin Cash mining is similar to its predecessor. So, you will get more rewards in Bitcoin mining. Finally, you will find far fewer trading pairs across different crypto exchanges, making it less tradable than Bitcoin.

Important Note: Although I have shared different perspectives of these two popular cryptocurrencies, they are not financial advice.


Hopefully, the above information has provided you some insights into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. So, what is your choice of investment? Please mention your choice in the comments section, and don’t hesitate to ask your queries if you have any.