Multi-Level Marketing: Worth it or waste of money?

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Perhaps, all of you have heard about multi-level marketing systems.

And you must have had doubts: is it a fraud or is it worthy of investing money in it? So, let’s first make it clear what is multi-level marketing.

Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the earnings of the multi-level marketing company are obtained from a non-salaried workforce that is selling the company’s products or services. The earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation agency system. Therefore, multi-level marketing is sometimes called pyramid selling, referral marketing and network marketing.

If you are considering involvement in multi-level marketing, you know that there have always been pros and cons about it. So here are some of them that are essential for your choice when considering working for a multi-level marketing company. If you wish to know more about multi-level marketing, check it out at

Why is Multi-Level Marketing Worth Your Money?

High quality products

Take a look at Oriflame or Avon cosmetics, or Forever company that trades Aloe Vera products. Those companies and their products are well known all over the world. And the reason is that they are really high-quality products. If you decide to work for multi-level marketing, you will have the opportunity to share a product or service that people are genuinely passionate about.

It can be an excellent way to start your own business

Working in a multi-level marketing company means meeting and working with a lot of different people. It is all about networking. So after creating numerous contacts through multi-level marketing work, you can use those contacts and network for a business of your own. Because networking is the key to success for every business.

Low investment to begin with multi-level marketing

There is no need for expensive investments in multi-level marketing. You can invest as much as $200 to enroll the system which can potentially bring you a six-figure a year business if you decide to work seriously and put your soul into the work.

Each multi-level marketing company works differently, so you must explore which system is the best for you. Most of the monthly maintenance fees are low compared to financial benefit you will get.

Flexible schedule

Working in multi-level marketing means that most of the time you will work from home, which means you will have more time for your family. This will especially be the case if you work with products or services that are already well established. You can work when you like and fix the meetings at the time that is most suitable for you.

You will be given an outstanding mentorship

Since Multilevel Marketing is sort of like pyramid selling, each member benefits of other members as much as his own work. So you will be given an excellent mentorship from an experienced member of the company that will introduce you to other members and teach you key facts and will help you as a beginner to contribute the company in the best possible way.

You will be given a proven business model

All companies based on multi-level marketing have proven systems that work. You will not have to invent new methods to attract new customers or keep old ones. Your Mentor will teach you how to work with your clients successfully. Most companies organize conferences where you can hear experiences of other members and choose the ones that will work the best for you and that you are comfortable with.

Learn new skills

You will have to learn a lot of theory. But you will have to learn new skills as well. There is a possibility that you are naturally a good negotiator or seller, but there is a fine tuning you will have to learn on your way. Most companies offer personal development and different pieces of training so you can improve your existing skills. If you are willing to take action, you will build and strengthen your skills in a short time. And you will be able to use them even later if you get employed in a traditional company.

The dark side of Multi-Level Marketing

It takes time to grow

At first, you will have just a small network of people with whom you will work. But the word about your skills and the quality of products and service will expand. It takes time, and you have to be patient and committed. One day, you will turn back and be surprised how your network became widely spread.

There is a lot of rejection involved

No one is prepared for rejection, and you have to learn to deal with it. There will be even more rejection than you expect. But the key to your success is not to take rejection personally. Don’t get discouraged, because as time goes by there will be more “yes” than “no” as an answer. It just takes time.

Don’t expect to get rich through network marketing

Most people don’t get rich from multi-level marketing. Many factors play a role in the process of earning millions in this kind of job. First, if you are an early bird in the new system, there are higher chances you will get rich. The size of your network plays an important role as well. Prepare to get out of your comfort zone and work hard, and the chances of great incomes will increase.

There are many scams in network marketing

If you decide to join a multi-level marketing company, be sure to explore it first. If there is a reliable, substantial product or service being sold, the higher is the possibility that the company is safe. But beware of companies that request high investments with no real return. Scams in this type of business are not rare. Prepare for thorough research, so you don’t waste money on fraud.

If you are a communicative person, ready for both ups and downs of the multi-level marketing job, and eager to spread the network of customers, then getting started with this type of business could be right for you!

The final taught is that if you decide to work in the world of multi-level marketing, you have to take it seriously and to work hard just like you would for any other company to gain benefit from it.