Moon Lamp: A Complete Guide

Moon lamp

Love heavenly bodies? Moon lamp might be the perfect thing for you!

A Moon Lamp lets you enjoy the look and feel the light of the moon under your roof. Be it nighttime study or a romantic dinner, a moon lamp can set the right mood for a perfect night.

Moon lamps are not just any lamps; they are designed with a careful selection of satellite imagery that is then morphed around a globe so that you get a perfect feel and look of the moon.

Just turn the switch on to witness the surface of the moon with all the craters and imperfections, perfected by Royalmoonlamp. The Moon Lamp is bound to turn heads and adds unmissable beauty to your home.

Types of Moon Lamps

The Moon Lamp comes in many sizes and shapes, so you don’t have to worry about the fitting. There are hanging ones that light up the whole place and dimmable ones that you can keep by your side, or if you would like to pocket the unique moonlight, they are also available as a keychain.

Apart from the place of the fitting, there are some nifty modifications that you can do to a Moon Lamp to make it all the more exciting. You could get a customized Moon Lamp with your personal impressions on it, making it a perfect gift that’s bound to create memories.

Although the modifications available make the options uncountable, the most admired Moon Lamps include:

  • The Royal Moon Lamp
  • Hovering Moon Lamp
  • Custom Moon Lamp
  • 16 Color RGB Moon Lamp
  • Hanging Moon Lamp
  • Keychain Moon Lamp

As these Moon Lamps promise a moon-like experience, save the hanging one, they don’t have any wires and can provide you with between 8 and 20 hours of shimmery glow on a single charge.

Uses of Moon Lamps

Moon Lamps can be put to all kinds of uses. You could use them as a night lamp to replace your boring lamps or make a perfect gift out of it by customizing one. It is a perfect accessory that will add to the overall ambiance of your home and is bound to make your romantic moments even more memorable.

The hovering Moon Lamp is one of a kind as it uses magnets to stay in the air, creating a lovely look and attracting attention by its real to life design and feel. Almost all Moon Lamps make for an excellent table lamp that will not disappoint you. Moreover, the dimmable brightness feature coupled with the changing light option makes it perfect for any home.

You can add a lovely futuristic stand to your Moon Lamp to make everything much more interesting.

Functioning of Moon Lamps

A complete guide to moon lamp is provided in the form of manual, provided in packaging of moon lamp. The Moon Lamps are controlled through capacitive touch buttons that you can just tap to make magic happen. The bottom button controls most functions as you can turn the lamp on with a tap; you can also switch between the yellow and white lights by a second successive tap. The third tap in succession will turn the lamp off, making it extremely easy to operate.

Long presses of the same button allow adjusting the brightness of the lamp, which you can adjust according to your taste and preference.

The RBG version of the lamp goes an extra mile and adds 16 colors that you can choose from! And that too through a remote controller. Steal the show by switching the lighting from a distance.

To keep the magical moon lamp working, there is also a charging port at the bottom. A two-hour charge will get you through a whole night’s use.

Why Choose Royal Moon Lamp?

Royal Moon Lamp only has one priority on their mind, you! All the lamps are designed with you on our minds and will add to your place’s overall ambiance, regardless of whether you choose the ceiling hanging fixture, the hovering moon lamp, or the keychain one.

Choose the one that you love from diverse portfolio of Royal Moon Lamps and let the heavenly body steal the show. We have something for everyone! Choose the one that you feel is right for your space and leave the rest to us. We include everything that you might need to use and set up the lamp successfully.

Should you require any assistance, support is just around the corner.  You can always get in touch with our specialized team that will assist you in making sure your moon lamp looks the best.