Helpful Tips to Start a Luggage Delivery Business in the UK


Luggage Delivery Business Tips for UK Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business gives entrepreneurs a unique sensation. That excitement combined with uncertainty, and dedication can’t be matched. However, sometimes, the uncertainty component can get out of hand. Especially if you don’t have a carefully-laid plan to follow until your business is stable. And since every business comes with unique challenges and pressure points, there’s no secret recipe to apply to all. In this article, we’re looking at some of the best tips for entrepreneurs that want to start a luggage delivery company. Check out some of the best advice we gathered and put together for you.

The Legal Aspect

The first step in building a business from the ground-up is making sure every process and service meets the legal requirements. That’s especially true when we’re talking about an international luggage delivery business. The first step is getting your local business license and then you will have to coordinate with various airports and check the paperwork and procedures that need to be conducted in each situation. It’s good to use a lawyer or a legal firm specialized in compliance for luggage delivery services so that you don’t get all caught up in legal specifications and requirements. This way, you have more free time and energy to focus on the other aspects of starting a business in this sector.


Every business needs to be visible in order to attract clients. However, when it comes to luggage delivery businesses, marketing isn’t as straightforward as other sectors. You need to start with proper research and try to establish what’s your target audience. Who’s more likely to want to avoid the extra stress of waiting for the luggage to show up on the conveyor belt? What’s the best way to reach them? These are a few of the questions you need to find answers to before establishing a marketing strategy. Usually, the people that would be tempted to try the luggage delivery systems, like the ones offered by, are younger adults that want to optimize everything about their trip or vacation. No matter the age category, social media marketing is a must these days and, of course, you can’t get started without building a proper website.

 Also, since we’re talking about marketing, even if social media and digital advertising are the standard right now, word of mouth is also very important. So, don’t forget to include a testimonials section on your website, to allow clients to share their thoughts on your service.


We mentioned at the beginning that there’s no magic recipe that you apply to a business to make it successful. And that’s especially true when talking about pricing. The amounts you ask for your services is influenced by so many factors that only an entrepreneur would know. Therefore, we can’t just throw some numbers here and hope that they’re helpful to you. However, we can give you a few hints on how to achieve attractive prices and boost your business.

Your first goal when it comes to pricing the luggage delivery service is to make it cheaper than taking the bag with you on the plane. Sure, there are other reasons why people would go for your service rather than the airline – huge fees for extra weight, the constant changes in bag sizes, etc – however, it’ll be a huge help for your business to offer cheaper fees. To figure out how much a person pays for checked-in luggage at an airline, you can just simulate buying a ticket. Then, do the same thing with just carry-on luggage and that’s the price you need to beat. Since you’ll be sending the bags using cargo aircraft or even by car if the destination allows it and it makes more sense, you should be able to beat the airline costs easily.

We can’t end the discussion on pricing without mentioning one more important aspect – ALWAYS offer discount prices for loyal customers. Especially for returning customers, it’s a great idea to apply lower fees and show them they’re valued. The airlines often fail to customize the experience for their clientele. However, especially as a start-up luggage delivery company, you have the opportunity to make them feel special and offer custom-tailored pricing.