Metaverse as the main trend 2022

In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg openly announced to the world his intention to rename Facebook into the virtual universe Meta.

Zuckerberg’s Meta currently includes more than Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus VR, Facebook Tokenized Stock (FB) and other companies. Many projects are picking up on the Metaverse trend this year. If we try to explain in simple words, Metaverse is an amalgamation of several realities that in some way allow you to live different lives.

What does it take to make Metaverse work?

Here it is important to mention the following things:

– Software, which is the primary tool for creating a virtual world.

– Hardware, which can be called a kind of “guide” for users in Metaverse. These are gadgets of all formats – from VR glasses to XR gadgets – that help interact with the virtual world.

– Data Centers. All Metaverse data is stored in cloud storage. The data centres house the server and networking equipment.

– Blockchain, which attaches user data and money to a digital account. Blockchain makes it possible to buy and use Metaverse products.

What examples of Metaverses do we have?

Fortnite. The creators of this game promptly caught the new trend and upgraded it to Metaverse. The project has its own currency and 350 million users per month. Real musicians give concerts in Fortnite, real movies are shown on this platform, as well as fashion shows by real brands/fashion houses/fashion designers.

NetVRk. This Metaverse gives users the chance to create their own virtual worlds with various content. Active NetVRk participants regularly receive rewards, including tokens. These tokens can be spent to get  passive income, buy a new property, advertising space, etc.

Roblox. The key goal of this platform is to allow users to create their own games and then play them. Roblox Corp. is the most popular gaming company in the United States. One of the latest collaborations of Roblox is a joint project with Nike – a computer game Nikeland. Nikeland players can dress and show their digital counterparts in Nike clothes, compete with players in stadiums and sports arenas, play sports and so on.

Why does everyone want to be involved in Metaverse in 2022?

Some people believe that Metaverse is a great way to not only keep your savings but also to multiply them. Large companies are investing in the development of Metaverse to remain competitive in the global marketplace. These are new opportunities both for the gaming niche and for business in general, including exchange crypto. Companies that actively integrate new entertainment formats into their own project development don’t want to miss out on a hot trending topic and the potential profit. It seems that Metaverse is the trendiest way to retain and attract new users/customers. Let’s see it this year!