Malaysian video games that made a name in the World

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Video games have come a long way since their introduction in the early 1960s. But it was not until 1970-80 that they got their household popularity and this was made possible with video arcade games and gaming consoles.

After the invention of the gaming console and joysticks, the rise of the video games became uncontrollable and it started to spread across the world. But the real change came with the internet revolution

The Internet gave huge freedom to players to connect across the globe and it provided game creators flexibility to reach a wide variety of markets. The Internet also created a boom in the gaming industry, because it made possible for the buyer, sitting anywhere, to get a digital copy.

Malaysia has enjoyed an unprecedented reputation as a country with robust game industry. The country boasts of the best local talents that have made significant contributions in creations of videos games which have garnered a worldwide audience.

Robust game educations in the curricula of its higher institutions, outsourcing, and well equipped local studios are some of the factors that have positioned the country for its role in the game development industry. Despite the growth, the game industry has witnessed an equally disruptive growth in recent time which is evident in its impact on the nation’s economy.

This rise in demand ensured the rise of new, world-class gaming markets like Malaysia. The Malaysian gaming industry has seen a constant rise in the last decade. One of the reasons for this rise could be that Malaysia itself is the biggest consumer of video games or Live Casino Malaysia games in the region.

What are video games? A technical view

Video games the world of fantasy is an electronic game which is designed and coded with the specific software and runs with the help of the hardware. It is served to the user as a visual treat with the help of video devices such as the monitor, Smartphones, tablets and so on with the audio that will make the player feel that they are traveling in the same world (mostly in role-playing games).

The users can play with the help of controllers like keyboards, mouse, gamepads, touch screen, and buttons. Video games are categorized based on gamely interaction. The types include casual, educational and serious games which range from console games to role-playing games.

Depending on the type of game each game has its own impact. If the video game playing activities are carried out in moderation, it can turn out to be one of the most powerful tools for brain plasticity, learning, vision, attention, etc.

Video games are just like wine moderation consumption can do you all sorts of good but binging might leave you shattered, aloof, depressed, etc.

Why video games are much popular?

Games let you be anything or anyone you want from star athletes to heroic soldiers or you can explore the outer end of space. The trend of games always seems to be rising day by day. And so does the Malaysian gaming industry who earned global reputation and become a world leader in providing competitive gaming that earned a lot of praise in the whole world.

The popularity of video games and online games has also led to the progress and amplification of the gaming industry, with greater emphasis placed on camera angles, HD feeds and uninterrupted streaming.

The players will get to experience an even deeper sense of immersion into the atmosphere, with more games. The gaming market will continue to grow, with more and more games becoming available.

Famous Malaysian Video Games

Across the globe, all the countries are racing against each other to be the top in developing the most popular games. Malaysia is one of those highly developed countries which is in the top spot. It can’t be denied that Malaysia continues to grow in the gaming industry.  Its influence on the world of gaming brought some of the best video games today.

In addition to the vast talent pool of game developers in Malaysia, the cost of production for game artworks is relatively low.

These have allowed local companies in the industry to collaborate with big international companies on million-dollar projects.

Malaysia has developed a quite phenomenal and popular game which got accepted hugely in numerous countries with the aid of government and private companies. Here are some of the most famous Malaysian video games,

Mortal Combat X

The creation of the Mortal Combat X was a collaborative project outsourced by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to the Passion Republic. It was one of the high profile projects that have placed the Malaysian game development company under the international spotlight. The game amassed public support and got positive reviews from critics that made it one of the best-sold games in 2015 upon its release. It sold over 10 million copies.

Uncharted 4

This is another collaborative project between the Passion Republic, a Malaysian Studio, and Naughty Dog, an American game development company. Within the stipulated six-week production timeline, Passion republic team worked very hard to create most of the in-game assets, including relics, artifacts, and treasure.

The game, in the first week of its release, sold over 3 million copies making it one of the best sold PlayStation 4 videogames published by Sony Entertainment. The game has received the accolade from Industry spectators – reviewers, gamers, publishers, etc.

Street Fighter 5

The Street Fighter was introduced in 1987, and it is an arcade game, which is developed by Capcom. Streamline Studio, a Dutch game development company with an office in Malaysia, recruited a lot of local talent that made the production of the capcom’s widely famed game series a reality. It has a total of 22 versions in Street Fighter series, and the latest one came last year which was Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, 30th Anniversary Collection.

Apart from these, many other games have made their name in the gaming industry, such as Malaysia Online Casino slot games, live casino games, To-gather Island and A dance of fire and ice.