How your business can benefit from an email signature

email signature

Are you using email in your business? If so, then you are perhaps familiar with email signatures. However, most people don’t seem to attach much importance to it.

But what if an email signature can become one of your most important (if not the key) marketing channels? Yes, you read that right, email signatures can become your main marketing channel and give a new boost to your business.

But only if you know how to do it right. And right now, in this article, we will show you how to design a professional business email signature to create a new valuable tool for your business success. But before we begin, let’s briefly remind ourselves what an email signature is.

What Is an Email Signature?

Simply put, it is an automatic standard text beneath every email you send. The people who receive your emails see your signature if you have one. Thus it is a valuable point of attention which many people and businesses do not seem to take advantage of. If you are not utilizing signature marketing, you are missing business opportunities.

For this reason, it is vital to start taking advantage of this marketing channel if you want to grow your business. Below is an example of a great email signature built with Newoldstamp:


(Source: Newoldstamp)

With this being said, let us now explore in detail the top three ways your business can benefit from an email signature.

Three Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Email Signatures

While there are more than three ways to benefit from this marketing tool, we have highlighted the top three of them for you. So here you go:


What is branding all about? Yes, it is all about attention. Branding cannot exist without attention. No attention – no branding. Attention is vital to all marketing. Email signatures can generate that attention for your business. Creating a beautiful, professional signature with your brand’s logo will undoubtedly generate more brand awareness for your company throughout all of your email communications.

Add to that all your employees if they start using branded signatures as well. You’re going to have more brand consistency across your company’s email. This will help to highlight your company’s professionalism and build the desired corporate image and reputation.

Lead Generation

Of course, we couldn’t help mentioning lead generation. An attention-grabbing signature will become an effective lead generation tool for your business. When potential leads communicate with your company via email, they shall see your impressive signature and pay attention to it.

Some of them are likely to become your leads and future customers. In your email signature, you can add a link to your website, landing page, opt-in page – the choice is limitless. With this tool, you can easily get more leads for various purposes.

Social Media Marketing

As we have said, there are so many things you can add to your email signature. Links to your social media profiles are included. You can add links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other pages. This can generate more engagement for your social media channels which can then turn into leads, customers, sales, you name it. Certainly, if you are going to employ signature marketing, do not forget to add social media links.

How to Make an Email Signature for Your Business?

Now that you are convinced that you absolutely must start taking advantage of signature marketing and create an email signature, a logical question appears: “How do I create one?” Well, you can do it manually on your own through Outlook or Gmail or whatever email client you use. However, it is not the best choice. Most likely, the end result will look like this:


Agree, this is not the kind of signature you want to have. Definitely not if you care about your business and reputation. A logical choice, in this case, is to use an email signature generator. We mean an online service which provides the best professional signature design, preferably for free or at a low cost.

A great option in this situation is a free signature generator by Newoldstamp. With its help, you can easily design a beautiful and professional email signature for your business in minutes, absolutely for free. Take a look at the end result you can get:

(Source: Newoldstamp)


Email signatures and signature marketing are a huge opportunity for your business growth. If you are not employing it, you are losing potential leads, sales, and customers. Using professionally designed, branded email signatures for your company may become one of your best business decisions. Your business will benefit and enjoy more brand awareness, leads, social media engagement among other advantages of this marketing channel.