M Capital Advisors receives highest top gun score from Informa Financial Intelligence


Informa Financial Intelligence publishes its Top Gun scores for financial investment managers on a quarterly basis.

Notably, it has recently given M Capital Advisors the highest score possible for its Large-Cap Core Equity Fund.

This six-star rating is an elite honor that is highly respected within the industry.

The Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at M Capital Advisors is Frank Mastrapasqua, Ph.D., and he recently released a public statement acknowledging this elite honor. Mastrapasqua announced that his team worked diligently to deliver excellent service and results to the firm’s clients, and recognition of this magnitude motivated them to continue working hard to deliver superior results to their clients.

M Capital Advisors was founded in 1993 by Frank Mastrapasqua, Ph.D. From its offices in Nashville and San Antonio, it serves private and institutional clients through its research-driven approach. Overall, its goal is to provide successful fixed income and equity strategies to its valued clients. Specifically, the top-rated Large-Cap Core Equity Fund focuses on income growth, capital preservation and superior returns. It primarily invests in dividend securities with an emphasis on capital appreciation and income generation.

The Top Gun star system used by Informa Financial Intelligence is highly regarded in the industry because of the comprehensive analysis that is used to determine performance on a long-term basis. Informa Financial Intelligence utilizes proprietary algorithms to track the performance of investment firms in more than 50 categories. These categories are grouped under six core factors.

The rating system gives each firm a star classification, and the highest score available is six stars. To qualify for this star rating, the r-squared factor must be greater than or equal to 0.80 when using a rolling and performance-based benchmark across the last five years. In addition, returns for the last three years had to beat an established benchmark. Another determining factor is related to individual performance in relation to the peer group’s performance. The individual standard deviation across the last five years must be greater than the peer group’s deviation.

The Top Gun star system indicates long-term excellence overall and in relation to its peer group. Because the ratings are re-analyzed quarterly, they are highly relevant. Ryan Nauman, who is Informa Financial Intelligence’s Market Strategist, recognized the exceptional performance of the team at M Capital Advisors. In addition to publishing the Top Gun ratings quarterly, Informa Financial Intelligence provides its industry clients with financial analysis solutions and customized services. Through its solutions, it facilitates improved decision making from its clients. The company’s website lists the current Top Gun score.

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