Luke Lazarus: Making a first impression


Luke Lazarus offers new opportunities to startups, something that is hard to find in the business world.

For anyone who knows Lazarus, his approach is not surprising. He has a reputation as someone with a dedication to progress, especially when it comes to business creation. After building his companies from the ground up and selling them for a profit, today, he consults with other entrepreneurs to help them find business success.

Lazarus Didn’t Start as a Consultant

Achievement in both academics and sports brought some of the top schools out to recruit Lazarus. He opted to stay local, though, attending Melbourne Business School to graduate with a Master of Business Education degree.

After school, he spent 10 years creating startups of his own, and by the time he reached the age of 35, he had met his financial goals. Luke felt it was time to give back to the industry that had helped him achieve success. He knew he had a passion and talent for business, especially startups, so he went to work as a consultant.

Takes Startup Marketing to the Next Level

It takes a certain kind of person to see an opportunity and build it into a startup enterprise — one who is creative and innovative. It takes a lot of work, too. You often seen budding entrepreneurs work 10 to 15 hours a day to grow their new businesses.

Luke Lazarus helps startups create a working business plan that utilizes their natural talent and efforts to take the business to the next level. He examines each concept and is honest about the potential pitfalls but also dedicated to finding solutions. It’s a strategy that has allowed him to help dozens of businesses go from one-person, barely-making-it enterprises to public companies worth millions.

Filling in the Gaps

Even though the startup business owner has this natural talent, no one person can master everything. Business-savvy individuals understand the benefits of hiring a consultant to fill in gaps like accounting, marketing, and even operations management. Luke Lazarus can pinpoint these problem areas and be brutally realistic about what it will take to fix them. His job is to find the holes and create ways to fill them.

Lazarus takes it to the next level, though, because of his experience in the world of high finance. He understands the value of marketing and brand messaging. He knows that startups have to be able to sell their ideas and develop a unique brand to present to potential investors.

Once the business plan and brand are in place, Lazarus helps his clients prepare their books to showcase their business to angel investors and venture capitalists. After getting the capital they need, these startups can grow to become multinational firms.

Making a First Impression

It takes an investment of time and energy to create a vision that investors can believe in and put their money behind. Entrepreneurs have just 30 seconds to make that impression a positive one. That means crafting the perfect message, one that grabs their attention and gives them all the information they need to understand and support a project. Luke Lazarus uses his experience and business savvy to help startups in all countries get their message out and achieve their potential, and that makes him a valuable asset.

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