How to play dominoes and win with your domino skills


Dominoes have been in existence for hundreds of years, with mentions in documents from as early as 13th century China.

The game is played using dominoes, which is a set of rectangular tiles. The dominoes are usually either plain or decorated on one face with two sets of spots (popularly referred to as ‘pips’) on the other. A tile’s length usually is double its width, thick enough to be able to stand on their side to entertain those who like making patterns and watching on as the dominoes fall in succession.  

Dominoes and sets

A set also referred to as a deck, is typically composed of 28 dominoes. The pips on the tiles represent the 21 pairs of numbers that can be thrown with another pair of standard dice, and seven more, including a blank or a zero. More massive sets can be created, having more pips, to create playing room for more players to participate.

How to play dominoes

The game kicks off with players placing tiles on the table in turn, while matching a face of the domino with another open face of one that’s been played already. The aim of the game to get the most points by placing your tiles down in the most advantageous manner. Some versions are usually won by the player who first puts down all of their tiles.

Surprisingly, this game is strategic. Though there is a component that may be attributed to luck, it is tough to overcome a skilled player consistently. Online dominoes matches can be played on professional websites such as bandarq, which offers some real strategy and entertainment.  

Dominoes scoring

For a player to score a point in straight dominoes, the total number of pips on the dominoes surface at both ends of the line should be divisible by five, in which case the player scores that number. Some dominoes versions permit only scores divisible by three or make no such restrictions. If a player plays the last domino, they are awarded the total number of pips of tiles remaining in each player’s hands in addition to their imminent points.

Establishing a strategy

The best domino strategy to adopt usually depends on the form of the game and the established scoring system. Nonetheless, whichever the system in place, players seek to ensure they only have playable tiles and that they do not have any tiles with large pip numbers, which could hinder them at the end.

Dominoes Tips

According to experts, you should play the doubles early on in the game as they have the same number of pips at each end, thereby limiting the number of opportunities to play them. You might then want to dispose of the biggest scoring titles since there are huge penalties for being left with them. You could also seek to retain a wide range of numbers on the remaining tiles so that you can play a tile irrespective of what your opponent does.


Dominoes is a great game that enables people to expand their capacity through strategic thinking. Online sites like bandarq offer you a platform to enjoy and maybe make some cash in the process. Start playing today!

Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash