Looking your best in business – Hair transplants for male pattern baldness

male baldness

For male executives and business owners wanting to look their best, discovering that they’re losing their hair isn’t a happy experience.

They might start to notice it with hair staying in their hair brush, or at the hairdresser with the large mirror unable to hide the developing male pattern baldness at the front, or a hand-held mirror showing the bald spot at the back of the head. This often comes as a complete shock because men don’t expect it will happen to them.

It’s certainly distressing for men. For whatever reason, they feel that they may be disadvantaged in business situations or in the workplace because of it or are just too self-conscious about it. Looking for an effective solution, hair replacement is one option they might want to consider.

What is Hair Replacement?

If you have ever pondered the question, ‘how does a hair transplant work?’, it is actually quite simple. The process of hair replacement involves taking hair follicles that continue to function and grow hair and transporting them to another part of the body. Once a transplant is completed and the area has had time to heal up, the hair hopefully continues to grow well in the new location. The area that was once losing hair volume or was completely devoid of hair will show signs of hair coverage once again.

Has Hair Replacement Evolved?

Hair replacement therapy over the years has evolved. There are different techniques that have been used. Most have been quite invasive, painful, and often left scarring. Strip transplants is an older technique where a top-layer strip of the scalp is removed, usually from the rear of the head where hair grows well and is applied to the balding area. This approach, though often successful, does leave a significant scar at the back of the head and it’s unclear how this will look post-surgery. However, advances in technology have made robotic hair restoration an option for those seeking to restore their hair. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses advanced robotics to precisely harvest donor follicles from the scalp and transplant them in the areas of thinning or baldness. The process is automated, so it allows for higher accuracy, shorter procedure time, and improved recovery.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction is a newer technique. The procedure is done under anaesthesia where the patient is awake the whole time. Hair follicles are carefully removed from the back of the neck. The tool to do this is less than 1mm thick and so it doesn’t leave a significant scar unlike with other types of procedures for hair follicle removal.

The healing process usually doesn’t take too long and issues such as infections are unusual. Because the procedure is far less invasive than others for hair transplants, it often gets the seal of approval from past patients like UK footballer Wayne Rooney who had a similar procedure successfully completed.

Being in business or applying for a top-level position in a growing company means looking your best at the client meeting or interview. Removing all negatives that other people might observe or take note of increases the likelihood of getting the deal or position. And even if the person you’re meeting doesn’t care either way, by getting hair replacement surgery, you’ll likely get a boost in your self-confidence which carries over into many other areas of your life.