Joana Agyeman of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Global Youth Leaders Forum, Committed to Change the World

The Leaders and Partners Conference, organized by BLW Founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, was held recently on Saturday and Sunday, 14thand 15thof July.

The two-day event gathered thousands of delegates at the SSE Arena (formerly known as the Wembley Arena) to experience the teachings of Pastor Chris from the internationally renowned Christ Embassy.

Members of Loveworld from many European countries, as well as from the United Kingdom, together with many other partners invitees expressed their excitement over the meeting with Pastor Chris and the blessings they received during the event.

Also present at the two-days conference were some of the youth leaders from the Global Youth Leaders Forum in the United Kingdom and Europe, who have inspired many with their passion for leadership development and global impact under the guidance of Pastor Chris and his teachings.

One of the young leaders from Germany – Joana Agyeman, was kind enough to agree to do an interview and share the excitement she felt during the event, as well as talk a little bit more about

her goals for the future and what she learned from Christ Embassy and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

How did it feel to be part of the 2018 Leaders’ and Partners’ Conference in the UK?
I was really excited and grateful for the opportunity. In all it was indeed an awesome experience.

What was the most memorable moment for you during the conference?
When Pastor called us (the GYLF Leaders) out to minister to us specially. That was a really special moment not just for me but for all of the members of GYLF that were present.

What was your participation in this year’s leaders’ and partners conference?
I was vitally involved in coordinating the welfare of the GYLF delegates who came from several nations throughout the program.

How would you describe Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as a teacher and a spiritual leader?

Pastor Chris is amazing and inspiring.  He’s a true example of what God has called all Christians to be. Pastor Chris is consistent with the message and has special way of simplifying the word for anybody of any age to understand. Also, the amount of time and attention Pastor Chris has and gives to young people from all around the world is very encouraging. Through his actions, he has shown to us that he is interested in us (youths) and believes in our future.

What were some of the most important life lessons you learned from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

What I’ve learnt is not only to dream big but to live my dreams. Another thing Pastor Chris has taught me, is to go for what I want and never to give up or settle for less than what God has planned for me. He has taught me to live God’s dream for myself and to be a success and influencer to my world. Through the word of God Pastor has taught me to be bold and courageous, I’ve learnt that the world is mine in fact ALL things are mine and most importantly it’s too late for me to fail, because the greater one lives in me.

How long have you been following Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s teachings and been part of the Youth Leaders Forum?

I’ve been following Pastor Chris teaching for 8 years and been part of the Global Youth Leaders Forum for 3 years.

What inspired you to become a young leader and become part of the Youth Leaders Forum?

I’ve always had a passion to help the younger generation to achieve their dreams. To believe in themselves. Having such a desire I was introduced to the GYLF through my friend.

I am really grateful to God for GYLF. It’s a platform whereby anything is possible, ideas are being embraced, you’re surrounded by leaders who believe in you and say you can do more, who see you the way God sees you. This alone also inspired me to be part, remain in GYLF and to get others to be part of it.  The most amazing thing is being with young people who have the same passion and desire, to make the world a better place.

What are some of the things in our society you wish to change as a young leader and how do you plan to do that?

A lot is happening in the world today in terms of the society keeps changing technologies, politics, finance crisis, laws, culture, climate, etc. Just the way I was taught by Pastor Chris, where there is a problem there is a solution and the solution is me.

Secondary School Curriculum new subject ‘Success Motivation’

What I would like to be improves is the ‘School curriculum’.  I would like to introduce a course in the curriculum that helps the children to believe in their future and to be successful in their future, giving them motivation. Training them from a young age to have a certain mentality is vital. We should have a system in place to allow young achievers to come and share what they have accomplished and how they did it. This new subject should cause them to graduate from secondary schools with the mind-set of making a difference in their world.

‘Community project approach to the younger generation’

Just the way we have newspapers, different fliers coming through the letter boxes, I do not see the boroughs advertising things to help the young people. If there is a system a place already then it should be publicised more.

A lot of things are happening in our communities today especially things like knife crimes etc. The main aim is to identify what is causing it and the answer is frustration. The younger generation believes that the government has given up on them and things are getting harder.

Community Job Fairs: We should have fairs for those who did not continue with their education for one reason or the other. The borough can organize different events or seminar classes to drive communities to help children in fall in this category to aim higher, the community can come up with brings everyone together to make a difference, or execute a fundraiser for particular families within the community.

What were some of the projects you took part in as a young leader?

-I’ve organised 2 GYLF conferences in Germany and assisted my regional coordinator with 2 of our GYLF conference in London, UK

-Most recently worked with GYLF Travels with Pastor Chris in the UK for the Leaders and Partners Conference

-I’ve also done Mission Trips to Iceland and Macedonia and locally I’ve participated in Community Projects in the UK: Feeding the Homeless and also assisted financially during the Greenfield tower tragedy.

What is the next event or a project you will be taking part of?

I have so much to do and I’m so excited for this next half of the year, so we have lNTL Youth Day 12th August – so I will work with other GYLF ambassadors from Europe to organise outreach programs in their countries. We are also planning to have GYLF induction/ mission/ conference in Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Manchester (UK), Denmark and Iceland.

In the UK currently, we are planning two campaigns

‘Stop the knife crime’ – This initiative will be done in universities, schools and different communities where we can reach many young people

‘End Child poverty’ project is an idea I received when I came across an article online titled ‘Most children in UK’s poorest areas now growing up in poverty’.  I was concerned and knew that GYLF can make an impact. The aim is to raise money for that borough which will go towards the children’s education and living condition.

And finally, a ‘Back to school Project for the Homeless ‘- During our homeless outreach one of our leaders mentioned that majority of the homeless do not know how to read therefore organising an academic school program will help them come off the street. Plus, this initiative will also help to improve the environment in the United Kingdom by getting the homeless out of the street and giving them the opportunity to start again, to live a better life.