Khaled Ayesh, the man behind the success of ANKHFX

Everybody wants to be successful in life. Success is whatever an individual defines it to be. But one thing is clear there is no easy way to succeed.

You have to work hard, take risks, and make the most of every opportunity in order to become successful and achieve your goals.

There are millions of entrepreneurs globally, and each of them has its own story. These entrepreneurs are inspiring young minds all around the world. One such entrepreneur is Khaled Ayesh, who is his own inspiration.

With his passion and expertise in trading, entrepreneur Khaled Ayesh has done what most people only dream of. He is from Jordan and currently lives in Berlin. At just 27 years of age, Khaled Ayesh is the owner of Ankhfx and has an upcoming project, ‘Upzero.’

Gold trading has become increasingly popular today. This marketplace is attracting people from all across the globe. Having years of experience in trading, Khaled Ayesh launched Ankhfx, which is helping people learn the art of trading. What’s more remarkable is that Ankhfx was also featured On Yahoo Finance.

When asked about where did his business idea come from, Khaled says, “It’s based on my own experience in the field; during my six years reading career, I identified problems in the industry; therefore, I wanted to solve them.”

“So, I first built the institute, a trading institute where you can learn to trade properly while earning too. In a year, I managed to make 30 profitable traders out of 150.”

Ankhfx is a unique name for a trading institute. So, we asked Ayesh how did he come up with the name for his company, and he said, “been always a fan and interested in ancient history, the Ankh means ‘the key of life,’ is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol. So, Ankhfx is the key of trading.”

Every successful entrepreneur has a driving force that enables them to become one. When talking about his key driving force, Ayesh shares that his driving force to become an entrepreneur is “mainly Time Control, wanted to have control over my time. Plus! I’ve always been the writer of my story, so I can’t be a character in someone else’s story.”

Furthermore, talking about motivation, Ayesh says, “I don’t really believe in motivation, but I believe in the purpose and being a better version of myself on a daily basis. My drive remains the same; controlling my time while being the author of my story.”

We asked Ayesh how he raises funding for his venture. And he says, “So here when trading comes in handy if you’re a skillful trader, funds aren’t an issue. I just started on my own. My trading account and my Ankhfx are personally funded, zero debts or funds from external or internal parties.”

Khaled Ayesh spends two hours working on average. He shares that he works “1-hour trading and 1 hour checking on the Business activities. Sundays are mainly for adding new business activities, objectives, and tasks for the team.”

When talking about the impact of being an entrepreneur on his family life, Ayesh shares, “we get to live, travel does whatever whenever we feel like.” He spends most of his wife and daughter. Moreover, Ayesh says being an entrepreneur gave him “the power of time and money, and also the vision and sight of future.” He is building his own version of the future.”

He further says that he and his family are “being the writers of our stories rather than being characters in a bad manager story.” There is no such thing as a long day at work or being stuck with a salary that mostly goes on insurance, taxes, and bills.

We all have our fears. So, we asked Khaled Ayesh about his greatest fear and how he managed it. and he says, “fear comes from overthinking, subconsciously drifting around scenarios when most of these scenarios aren’t gonna ever happen.”

He shares that he is more of a risk-taker, “I remain aware of myself, as a trader, you know yourself as a person who is the risk-taker rather than fearful because I also approach everything with science, statistics, and risk assessment.”

When asked about success, Ayesh says, “success is subjective; I’m an objective person, I don’t even think about success. Rather, I look at my achievements and what I have accomplished so far out of my end objectives.”

We also asked Ayesh about his favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur. And he says,” solving problems, I enjoy issues. Problems equal learning new experiences.”

Finally, we asked Khaled Ayesh what his advice is for budding entrepreneurs, traders, and entrepreneurs. To which he shares, “well as both, failures and statistics are your friend, learn from it bounce back, be consistent.”