Behind the Scenes:  Why Businesses, Celebrities and Influencers are Buying Followers and Likes on Instagram

Perhaps you’re surprised to see the title above!

Is it really true that businesses, celebrities and influencers buy their Instagram followers and likes to improve their user engagement? It is absolutely true.

Beat the Competition for Bigger, Better Presence on Instagram

It’s most definitely becoming harder for small, medium and large businesses to elevate their social media presence and create an impact.  The more accounts on Instagram, the stiffer the competition so getting your message out there can seem like an impossible task. Even celebrities compete – with other celebrities.  You might think that the action of buying Instagram views, followers, and anything else similar isn’t approved of by one of the biggest platforms of all, Instagram.  However, it’s not completely frowned upon anymore – but using bots is prohibited and could result in account suspension.

You Are Not Alone In Struggling To Build Your Presence On Instagram

Maybe you’re struggling to increase your following on Instagram? You’ve already paid a social media marketer an inordinate sum, but you haven’t seen impressive results.  Your social media strategy used to work well, but now it’s not quite delivering what you want.  Perhaps you’re not posting the right type of content?  CNN knows all about that, maybe it’s “annoying” your followers and they’re dropping off. What’s next – are you going to employ an expensive social marketing team? Or maybe, just maybe you could find a company that specializes in selling Instagram followers. Yes, it can be done, but you do have to take great care that you’re choosing wisely.  Make a mistake and choose a scam company, and you could end up with an Instagram account ban.  That’s why there are very few reputable, reliable and most importantly – safe – companies that provide a genuine service.  1394ta is one of the fastest-growing, best and responsible Instagram marketing businesses supplying genuine followers, now proud to operate on a global level.

What’s In Your Social Media Strategy?

If you are busy focussing on your social media marketing strategy for 2022, there is no doubt that you are exploring methods to grow your Instagram following and gain greater brand awareness. You should think about buying Instagram followers.  Why? Well, Instagram is evolving and is now an extremely important avenue for revenue, it’s no coincidence that Instagram is heavily focussed on supporting its business accounts.  There are various statistics that back up the above.  Across the world, there are almost 4.6 billion active Internet users and 22% of those users access Instagram every month.  With 1 billion monthly users, any business, regardless of industry sector cannot ignore the power of the ‘Gram and there are already over 25 million businesses on Instagram. However, you need strong social media presence and user engagement to add value to your business.

With that in mind, one of the main aims of businesses across the world is to keep the focus on growing their social media presence, just the same as you.  It’s not just about attracting new followers to your Instagram business account, if you are not getting the engagement, you want or your posts aren’t generating leads or sales, then you already know your social media strategy isn’t delivering. What more can you do? Interestingly, more and more businesses are changing-up their social media strategies to include buying followers, likes and views from 1394ta.  The landscape is changing.

Buying Followers Using Specialist Market Research and Technology

Unlike other so called “businesses” that sell “genuine followers”, the way 1394ta works is different. The company uses exceptionally advanced technology for their Instagram service, and it works.   The followers attached to their business are real accounts – no bots allowed. The business is a specialist in Instagram engagement and has partnered with real Instagram users. Through conducting thorough market research on a global level, they have their own extensive (and extremely valuable!) databases of Instagram users and their preferences. Those databases include highly sensitive information, not just age, location and gender.  The information is finely-tuned and includes social behavior, education level, brand preference, shopping habits and more undisclosed information.  All users are carefully categorized so that when a business, or a celebrity or other requests to buy Instagram followers, 1394ta delivers the perfect matches.  The result is that the business (or other) receives a set of followers perfectly aligned with their brand, products, or services. It is highly likely that the new, purchased followers will be genuinely interested in the business, continue to follow its posts and engage by commenting, liking, sharing, and reposting.

There’s another bonus – many of the users on 1394ta’s database have a strong following themselves.  This means that anything they share, tag or repost will be seen in their followers’ feeds, and therefore increase the purchasing business/celebrity/Influencer’s engagement.

There are so many positive reasons for social media users to use a third-party marketing company to increase their engagement, but every care must be taken to ensure they are solid and respectable.  Rather than paying marketers huge sums of money to grow brand awareness on Instagram, using 1394ta to buy Instagram followers is actually more affordable and beneficial. Instagram is evolving, this method of buying Instagram followers is one of the easiest and efficient ways to ensure your business stays relevant on the platform.  Buying followers should therefore be a part of every business’ strategy for 2022.