EE Signal Booster

ee mobile phone booster

If you suffer from a poor, patchy smartphone reception, a mobile phone signal booster can prove a worthwhile investment.

Working like an amplifier to raise the quality of signal and speed of data connection, this is a popular and effective method to solve signal problems at home, in offices, or other commercial buildings.

Despite EE’s widespread 4G and signal coverage of the UK, even in many rural areas, there are times when you need to boost your signal indoors. This is true of all the large UK mobile networks, such as Vodafone, O2, Three, BT, and EE. The fact is, no matter how good the signal outside, indoors can be a whole different story.

Even if you are based in a heavily built-up area, such as a city, it can sometimes be difficult to gain a suitable connection that lets you speak freely with family, friends or colleagues. Natural obstacles can also limit the reception of your mobile signal, especially when a signal tower is not in the immediate vicinity.

In locations where both voice and data are severely limited, this can restrict your productivity and ability to get things done. One solution is the EE Signal Booster.

EE signal boosting products are easy to install and can make a significant difference to your mobile connectivity. This is ideal if you work in an environment where the signal is highly limited, such as in offices with thick walls or areas of the home that suffer from black spots. No longer will your family members or colleagues have to walk outside or tirelessly seek an area with coverage to gain adequate reception.

With a simple installation procedure, it is possible to set up the EE signal booster on your own. The systems are relatively easy to understand and no major technical knowledge is required. You simply attach the external antenna panel, ensure the cabling is connected, then set up the interior power system and antenna. Once powered up, results can be seen immediately.

EE signal boosters are available in a variety of configurations. The cheapest examples of a mobile phone signal booster can cover areas up to approximately 250m2, while mid-range and high-end boosters can cover up to 500m2 and above. The lesser size areas are most suited to smaller properties, apartments and houses, while the boosters with the larger size capacity are more suited to commercial buildings requiring extra coverage.

All that is required is a simple installation consisting of (usually) 4 components: an antenna to gather signals from outside, cables to connect the parts, an amplifier, and an antenna for indoor use. If you require additional coverage indoors in the case of multi-room properties, additional antennas can be quickly installed and added to the system with minimal effort.

The best EE signal booster for your circumstances will depend on a variety of factors, such as the distance from the mobile phone tower and quality of signal, the number of people you intend to use the mobile phone signal booster, the external environment, and the internal environment. For instance, if you are based in an area of the UK where your property is a fair distance from the nearest mobile phone tower, an antenna upgrade may be required to pick-up the poor signal prior to boosting.

For boosting your mobile phone signal, an EE signal booster is an effective, affordable and popular method to solve poor reception. With the ability to transform one-bar signals to five-bar, your family, friends, colleagues and customers will be happy their voice and data connectivity is not compromised. If you currently suffer from less than ideal mobile signal, a mobile signal booster is guaranteed to solve your reception problems.