Interview with Katie Johnson about new UK Casinos 2021

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Online casinos have become a popular pastime for many around the world and in the UK. Statista data indicates that as of 2018, there were 36.6 million remote online gambling customer accounts at facilities licensed by Great Britain’s Gambling Commission.

With 2021 fast approaching, there will undoubtedly be several new casinos popping up around the UK. As such, we have engaged a leading expert in the field of gambling to give us some useful tips and insights concerning what to expect from the UK gambling industry in 2021.

New Casinos 2021

Katie Johnson, an expert in new UK casinos and editor-in-chief at has updated us with the most innovative and latest ways of trying 2021’s new and exciting UK casinos. In her latest article about new UK casinos in 2021, Katie Johnson talks about how everything has moved online from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, given the current coronavirus situation around the world. Therefore, several players can enjoy the game from the comfort of their home. Thankfully, with the dawn of modern technology, you can place your bets using your smartphone and with the help of a strong internet signal.

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New UK Casino Trends for 2021

Katie Johnson predicts that security options, licensing, payment, and withdrawal time may be what differentiate these new casinos from established brands. While established casinos are keeping their strong and loyal fan base, new casinos promote better loyalty programs, add round-the-clock customer support services in many languages, and improve the gaming experience. Modern software has been recently introduced by UK casino operators as a result of global trends in a bid to keep up with modern changes in technology. Operators have also added multiplayer, themed slots, and progressive jackpot games to build up their reputation and increase the growth of online casinos in the country. Additionally, there are several side games that UK operators are releasing to keep players from becoming bored while waiting for new live games to be released. Katie also predicts some trends in the UK’s 2021 gambling industry:

  • Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is rising alongside the popularity of online casinos, so it will likely be a significant component of online gambling in the future. Cryptocurrency is perhaps the safest option for making deposits at online casinos. It is also anonymous and fast, allowing for easier bets and withdrawals. The trend is now popular due to the UK’s ban on credit and debit card use for betting.
  • Mobile gambling: Many online casinos already have mobile gambling, and that trend will only continue in 2021. Mobiles are the future of online gambling, and new casino operators are working to improve the various platforms for mobile gaming, including less popular options like Symbian.
  • VR Gambling: Just as last year, 2021 may be a significant year for the VR game industry. Its widespread growth in the gaming industry will likely reach online casinos. VR gambling is already available in many countries due to the more realistic gaming experience it provides to players.
  • E-sports betting: Betting is possible for many traditional sports ranging from basketball to horse racing. However, sports competitions for video games have become increasingly popular. By 2021, e-sports betting would likely gain as much popularity as traditional betting.
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