Top 3 biggest technology trends for 2020


Technology is rapidly advancing – everyone knows that. And with 2020 fast approaching, new and exciting technological innovation is coming.

In order to be prepared for the upcoming year, this list will take you through the top 3 biggest technology trends that you need to look out for – no matter what industry you are in.

Helping you to grasp these opportunities and have the right resources in place so that your business can adjust alongside it, you’ll go into the new year ready for these technological advancements – and not left in the dark.

The Rapid Takeover of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular technologies. A transformative tech that’s being used in a wide range of industries, the possibilities are seemingly endless with it. Although most companies have already started to explore the capabilities of the technology (for example, Google and Amazon), it’s clear that in 2020, it will be used more widely.

Helping to streamline a businesses operations and improve customer service, it will be rolled out across various systems within their infrastructure. Applications that are based around the innovative features that AI can offer, it will allow businesses to deploy service platforms which they never thought was possible.

Whether it’s through a tailored application, specialised task or services, the world will see AI being used more extensively.

5G Networks

There’s no denying that you’ve heard of the impact that 5G will have. No matter where you’re located in the world, 5G data networks seem to be taking over. The 5th generation of the cutting-edge mobile internet connectivity, it will allow for even faster upload and download speeds, alongside guaranteeing stable connections.

Whilst some networks are already rolling out the technology, by 2020, it’s clear that it will become the norm for many. At the moment, it’s still thought to be in its prototype stage – which is why it’s very expensive and limited. By next year, however, it’s likely to be more affordable and high quality.

So why are people so interested in 5G? Well with the faster upload and download speeds, you’ll be able to stream music, film and other content a lot quicker when you’re on the go. The increased connectivity will also ensure that you’re always readily available – whether it’s for casual or work-related calls.

Autonomous Vehicles

An exciting (and slightly terrifying) technological trend that’s sweeping the world is autonomous driving. Whilst we still haven’t seen a fully autonomous vehicle, over the next year or so, it’s clear that this technology will continue to develop. And because of this, many people are getting excited about the possibilities that come with it.

With Tesla trying to create a fully autonomous vehicle and other car manufacturers following suit, it’s clear that we’ll see lots of developments in 2020. Wanting for the car to be able to brake, change lanes and drive without the need of driver interference – it’s a trend that’s undoubtedly going to adjust as technology advances.

Bonus Technology Trend

Along all that we’ve mentioned above, by 2020 it’s clear that technology within the online gambling industry will be transformed. With promises of virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence and more exciting advances, it’s an industry that’s reaping the benefits that come with the latest technology available. Similarly to the gaming industry, they want to offer their customers the best experience possible that aligns with their expectations.

Of course, there are still websites, such as new online casino 2020 and CasinoViking (get more info about UK free spins 2020 at CasinoViking) that still have the traditional games for those who want to enjoy gambling without all of the new technology.

It’s hard to say the way in which the gambling and online casino industry will go. It’s something that we will just have to take as it comes – adapting to the advancements as and when they happen.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are the top three biggest technology trends that you should look out for next year. Of course, as this year comes to an end, it’s evident that new trends will come to fruition as time goes on – with many undeniably being released at the start of the year. As with everything technology-related, it’s constantly evolving, with a number of different industries fighting to be the first to offer a particular invention.

Exciting trends to follow, it’s incredible to see how it will develop and how it compares to years past.

Photo by Alex Knight from Pexels