Instagram marketing tips and tricks for increasing your brand reach


What started as a photo-sharing app has turned into a platform that has become the inevitable part of those who want to increase their brand outreach, as well as influencers who want to gain popularity and followers.

Today, if you want to increase your brand presence, you can not afford to ignore the existence of Instagram, considering the massive following it commands across ages of people. This is why Instagram has become all more important to consider as part of marketing of your brand.

However, today it is not that easy to increase the following on instagram. It is a consistent and combined effort of at least one year that is required to build following there. Since the advent of the Instagram ads, it has become harder to increase the follower through the non-paid channels. One has to try multiple techniques simultaneously to be able to increase the followers there. In this article we walk you down the steps in which you will learn what tricks you can apply to increase the free followers on instagram. Let’s dive in.

1. Create the engaging content

Content is first to everything. This is the only thing that requires your ultimate attention. Everything else is secondary. Sub-standard content can really repel whatever number of people are coming to you to read your post. However, if your content fails to entice your audience and to add value to their lives, you must forget about increasing your followers on instagram. You will only be groping in the dark with no results in sight.

Whatever field your brand belongs to, make sure to create a post that people love to read, you must be able to discern what your audience likes to read in the first place.

2. Schedule your post

As unbelievable as it sounds, it is still true that the timing of your post is as important as the content of your post. Many studies conducted found that people with proclivity to different niches use Instagram on some specific days for a maximum number of hours. If your post is uploaded during that fertile time, you increase your chances to bear the fruit in the form of the followers.

3. Competitors analysis

Having the right content to post isn’t everything. You must discern the kind of content your competitors are posting, thereby attracting the followers on their posts. Taking the idea of your competitors’ content will convey the kind of content you post. You must make a list of competitors in your niche and explore through their profiles to see what they are doing. You can imitate them or you can make better and more eye-catching content to capture their market.

You have to see:

  • What topics do their audience engage with?
  • Which posts are getting more likes?
  • How often do they post?

4. Follow the competitors’ followers

Go through the followers of your competitors and start following them one by one, since people following them are interested in that particular niche, they are more likely to be interested in your niche too, as long as you give them what they want.

5. Like and comments on competitors posts

When your competitors post the content, you have to go to their comment section and post the comments relevant to that post. Your comments should aim for increasing the visibility of your brand in the eyes of people engaging there in the comment. If they like your comment they are likely to visit your profile and may get converted too.

6. Join the community groups

Many communities are present which are specifically created to  support each other on instagram. Members of those communities can grow upto thousands in numbers. They can be of immense value to you to increase visibility and show immense activity on your profile. They function on the model where they are obliged to give likes and comments on your posts in return for likes and comments on their posts.

7. Filter the better hashtags

Better hashtags can increase the chances of your posts organically appearing in the search bar in the top position when your posts match with the keywords people are searching for. This right selection of hashtags will increase your chances of your followers increasing organically. Hashtags will help your posts rank in the top positions.