Increase your business efficiency with the perfect blend of fleet camera system & mobile workforce management

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Needless to say, handling field workers, delivery drivers, as well as other out-of-office employees can be exceptionally challenging for several reasons.

You require the whole back-office staff to assist track of the receipt for maintenance and fuel. Also, you need the same for manually inputting data into the spreadsheets, as well as scheduling maintenance along with other work orders.

The procedure is time-consuming, ineffective, and tedious. This is where Mobile workforce management comes into the picture as it focuses on connecting the dots between vehicles, back office, and drivers.

Give it a thought – how many of the vehicles are missing the routine maintenance? Well, it is just because the business doesn’t have a credible way to keep track of future appointments and past maintenance.

However, with the Fleet Camera System, it’s time to change the scenario.

  • With technology advancement, changes are brought to the way that the fleets are handled.
  • Through new technology, better insight is introduced into the fleet operations that enable fleet managers for making data-driven, better business decisions.
  • Without the mobile workforce management software solution, any business could lose tens of thousands of dollars every year.
  • Regarding the same, the use of the Fleet camera system could improve operational efficiency, boost revenue, and drive productivity.
  • With its help, you can get an inclusive view of the whole fleet, change the routes in real-time through telematics software, and check the location of the single-vehicle.
  • So, recognize inefficient and unsafe driving behaviors in the fleet, coach drivers for reducing risk, and improving the driving experience.

What’s more? Fleet Camera System provides you with the opportunity to attain absolute safety oversight. With a high-security level, you can prevent bad driving practices and crime. Also, you can avoid a lot of other issues that cost plenty of bucks when you react to them.

  • It makes the impossible possible through serving as your ears and eyes, regardless of how many vehicles are on the road at a time.
  • With its help, you can improve fleet security along with managing the behavior of the driver with Live Streaming Video.
  • It maintains the image of your company as well as corrects the bad habits of drivers.
  • All in all, mobile workforce management permits you to dispatch tasks/jobs to the drivers effectively and easily.

The rising fame of the mobile devices, expansion of operations’ scale, and better connectivity in companies have boosted the demand for Mobile Workforce management along with associated technology.

A single collision can cost the company thousands in enhanced insurance, claims, vehicle maintenance, and fuel use. However, the feature of live video footage in Fleet Camera System will decrease entire fleet expenses as well as relevantly improve the bottom line. This way, you can track several jobs in real-time as each one of them progresses.

What’s more? Your customers will value the control you have over every job being carried out.