How to write an IELTS essay

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Experts at say that learning how to write an IELTS essay is quite crucial. Don’t look for easy ways to do it.

You can’t pay for essay and get your IELTS Test with an excellent mark. You don’t know exactly what Topic you should to open because there are different types and you could be asked to write any one of the many types. Each essay type calls for a different response and you will be expected to respond differently. Some of the common types of IELTS powerful essays you can be asked to write include:

  • Agree or disagree
  • A discussion on two conflicting or different opinions
  • Cause and effect
  • Cause and solution
  • Problems and solutions
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Well, each of the above has to communicate something different fromthe other. So, if or when given either, you need to make sure you approach it differently. However, it is crucial to note that even though they are different, all IELTS essays have a similar structure. This structure is made up of three components andthese include the introduction, body, and conclusion. Writing your essay you should show good vocabulary knowledge. You may learn fast with the Language-Learning Software to master a language. Below is an elucidation of how to write IELTS essays while using the said structure.


While in the room getting ready to write, it is crucial that you remember how much time you have to write your essay. To write an IELTS essay, you need 40 minutes. This time needs to be split between planning and the actual writing of the essay. Thismeans that you need to write your introduction quickly and jump straight to the body.

How to write my essay for me at the beginning?The introduction needs to follow the same idea as anyintroduction. So, here, you need to state the topic of the essay and incorporate some facts to help you hook your reader. Thisis the perfect way to answer the question how to start essay writing. Once you have hooked your reader to your paper, clearly state what you intend to write about.The introduction needs to show your reader what your essay seeks to communicate. So, make sure that you do not exhaust the time you allocate to writing your introduction before you say what you are writing about. This point confirms what your opinion regarding the topic is. So, it needs to be clear and direct.


It is public knowledge that for an IELTS essay, you need to make sure you write two to three body paragraphs. You should never write a single body paragraph that exceeds three body paragraphs. The body paragraph needsto support your introduction. It needs to build on what you said you wouldwrite about.Thismeans they have to stand out and deliver the message as intended.

As you write yourbody paragraphs, you should know that each paragraphneeds to carry its point. Thisis an importantelement or point that needs to be includedin the essay writing tips for IELTS.A body paragraph has to have a goal or a purpose.

It must accomplish something and thus must contain a mainpoint while the subsequent sentences need to support the main point. For example, if you are writing about the disadvantages of Brexit, you will need to have two to three main points. These will then be followedby two to three supporting sentences that will help explain your pointfurther. Often, the controlling idea or topic sentences is a claim that you have to back or support with other sentencesthat help to expound on your thinking.


The conclusion needs to be powerful as well. It is standard to write a conclusion of either one or two sentences.However, you should think of writing a conclusionthat leaves a mark with your reader(s). It is never encouraging to do what is normal. Step outside the comfort zone and deliver something that your reader(s) wants to keep reading.

In the conclusion, you can either re-state what your main point is or what you wanted to communicate in the first place. Thisis quite obvious and while there is nothing wrong with this, we would advisethat you make your conclusion a little interesting. The other way that people conclude their IELTS essays is talking about the future.

You can share your thoughts about what you think of the future or how your topic impacts the futureof either the world or a particular country. However, since it is the last thing that your reader(s) sees, it is crucial that you leave a mark.

Make sure you make people want to read more of your essay. Leave the paper in suspense or make a claim that makespeople want a continuation of your paper. In short, make it interesting,andyour essaywill garner more points.

In conclusion, practice makes perfect and everything good takes time. So, take time to practice andyou will become better. Do not depend on pay for essay services all the time.

Spare some time and grow your skills. It will take you less time to grow and develop into a great writer. So, get to writing and reading andyou will develop greatwriting skills.