7 tips to buying the perfect shower doors

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We all have our own methods of doing things, especially when it comes to buying appliances or fixtures for home.

But there are always important things to consider when buying any of these things, and many of these are a bit easy to overlook sometimes. It is because of this that I have compiled seven professional tips and tricks to choosing the perfect shower doors. Whether your remodeling your bathroom or simply replacing your shower doors, these tips will come in ultra handy and will ensure that you buy the perfect shower doors for your shower specifically.

Choosing a shower doors is much easier than we make it seem sometimes, especially when we follow simple tips and tricks that professional swear by, such as these. So try not to get overwhelmed with all the options on the market, and keep this list of seven tips to choosing the perfect shower doors on hand during your shopping and buying process for extra support.

I also find it extremely important to know that high-quality and well-made shower doors aren’t always way over budget, and can be quite affordable. This isn’t always the case, but at the bathrooms are Ireland we always make are shower doors and other bathroom products out of the highest quality materials available, and with the highest quality craftsmanship, but this doesn’t change the fact that all our products are priced well at affordably, so everybody can enjoy our bathroom products.

7 tips to buying the perfect shower doors


It is, as you may know, very important that you start out by measuring the place where you will be installing your shower doors. It is most essential that you have the correct measurements, or else you will end up buying the wrong size shower doors, and you will unfortunately be unable to install them in your shower.

By simply measuring the length of each side of your shower where the shower doors will be installed, and writing them down somewhere, you will completely ensure that the shower door that you will purchase is the correct size. I even recommend measuring twice or three times, in order to make sure that you get the exact measurement of your shower. Of course, there are a number of standard measurements in which many showers are made, and it is very likely that your shower is one of these, but in order to make sure, it is definitely necessary to measure your shower.

This isn’t always a tedious task, for most showers only require one or two sides of the shower to be closed in by shower doors. As you will see below, you might only need to measure one or two sides of your shower, so you need not worry about this step being tedious or hard at all.

Consider your Shower Tray or Shower Base

This again is in line with the first tip, which is keeping in mind measurements. But this specific stsp is different in the way that you will have to consider the necessary type and the size of shower doors which align well with the shower base or shower floor which may be already installed in your bathroom. This is most probable if you are simply replacing shower doors, for your previous shower most probably already has a shower tray or base of some sort.

If that is the case, I suggest measuring it, or pulling up the measurement specifications of the shower base from when you bought it, and making sure that your shower doors will fit correctly on it. In addition to this, if your shower base seems to be irregular and anyway, especially regarding dimensions and measurements, I highly suggest having a specialist look at it, or replacing it in case this may cause any problems in the future.

In fact, here at the bathroom store Ireland we offer wonderful shower trays and basis which are made from high-quality materials, and are made with every possible problem or obstacle in mind. I highly recommend taking a look at what the Bathroom Store Ireland has to offer.

Keep in mind the shape of your shower

Out of all the steps on my list, I feel that this is the most logical. But many times, when shopping online for shower doors, the specific shape can be a bit hard to ascertain. This is where keeping in mind the dimensions of your shower can come in ultra handy, since if your shower is square, all measurements will be the same, but if your shower is rectangular two sides will be longer, and two sides will be shorter. Just to be clear, most rectangular showers only have one side which needs a shower door, and that is where you will be installing your shower door. And most square showers have two sides which need shower doors, which is where you will need to install yours.

But is in fact your shower is oddly shaped, I suggest taking the correct measurements, and looking for a shower base of that specific shape. Of course, if your shower is specifically designed for your bathroom and some way, and doesn’t fall under any of these categories, then you might have to go to a special manufacturer or designer to get a replacement for your shower doors which will fit your bathroom and shower perfectly.

Account for any special needs you may have

If you have any special needs for your shower doors, then it will be most necessary for you to search for shower doors which cater to a specific needs. Thanks to the vast variety of different options available on the market today, there is always going to be the perfect shower door for you out there. But when it comes to looking for them, it might be a little harder.

That is where I highly suggest going to a specialized store or shop, because not only will they be able to offer shower doors with be specific alterations, but this type of store will also I know exactly what you need and want, which is extremely important to all of us.

Of course, there most definitely might be a few different options on stores such as the bathroom store island which cater to those special needs how much do I also suggest taking a look at stores such as those. But, if you don’t find anything which caters to any special needs or preferences in stores such as the bathroom store Ireland, now you know exactly what to do.

Style your Bathroom

Shower doors are actually one of the axons in our bathrooms, since they are one of the most used parts of our bathrooms. Therefore, when something is in a spotlight so much, like shower doors are, making sure they’re in the style that the rest of your bathroom is in is quite important.

Choosing shower doors in the correct style for your bathroom, can come down to small details such as the materials used, or design and shape of things such as framework and door handles. But there are also more significant or outgoing as pegs to a shower door design which could make them more specifically of one style. For example, frameless shower doors are very minimalistic and modern in design, thanks to the minimal amount of framing on the shower doors, and therefore floating appearance. But wet room shower doors, on the other hand, give a whole different look of elegance and sophistication.

I mention this at because it is quite important to make sure that your bathroom looks put together and coordinated, especially when you have a specific style or theme in your bathroom. It is also very important that you enjoy being in your bathroom, and I find that styling your bathroom the right way makes it so.

Make sure the shower doors you are using are safe

The safety in your bathroom and home in general is of utmost importance. Making sure that the things that you furnish your home with our safe is an absolute necessity. Therefore, making sure that your shower doors are made in a safe way and with safe materials should be one of the most important tips on this list. first of all, I mention this because when it comes to shower doors, there can be a number of different accidents and problems.

If you live in a house with children, and you are using glass shower doors, there is a big chance that there could be an accident in the bathroom and the shower doors can shatter. In this case, it’s important to make sure that the glass with which your shower doors are made is tempered, and is made with nanotechnology, which is exactly what all the shower doors on the bathroom start Ireland are made, because instead of shattering like normal glass, nanotechnology tempered glass breaks into small circular pieces and eliminate the risk of getting cut or injured from the glass.

If you live in the house with elderly people, it’s very important to make sure that the shower doors themselves are easy to open and close, and are very accessible from both the inside and the outside. In this case, it is also very important to make sure that the glass is tempered, and comes with nanotechnology, because there can also be a possibility of an accident.

Otherwise, it’s very important to make sure that the shower doors are made well in order for them to stay in place, and not become loose after time. So always keep your eye on the specific materials and build of the shower doors you are considering buying for your home, for it can mean a huge difference in the time of an accident.

Buy high quality showers doors

We all love saving money, especially when it comes to slightly larger investments, such as shower doors or furniture in general, but it’s very important to realize that a shower door is not the place to save your pennies, and it is almost better to make the extra investment when you know that you’re going to buy high-quality shower doors.

The reason for this is the fact that investing in the fixtures and furniture is in your bathroom ensures that these things will be high quality and be made correctly, therefore giving you almost triple the amount of time with these fixtures then if they were made with low-quality materials or craftsmanship.

If your shower doors are made with high-quality materials, on one hand you will be making sure that they are safe, and that they will have been the right choice in the event of an accident, and on the other hand, you will be making sure that your shower doors will last a long amount of time.

You see, shower doors are constantly exposed to water, which is very hard on most materials, especially when it comes to metals, such as those that are used to make shower doors. So, if the metal or glass used in the making of your shower doors is low-quality, they will corrode easily, begin to disintegrate in a few years, and will constantly need a reparations or replacements, which is the last thing that you want to do.

Therefore, I highly recommend making sure that the materials used in making your shower doors are high quality.

On a side note, high-quality materials aren’t always too expensive. At the Bathroom Store Ireland, all of the shower doors are made with high-quality materials and with high quality craftsmanship, but they are still extremely accessible when it comes to price. Therefore, I highly recommend looking into the wonderful options available at the bathroom store Ireland. Plus, be sure to check out Victoria plum for some quality bathroom furniture that might give you some inspiration!

I hope you found these professional – approved tips useful and helpful as a guide on the types of shower doors to consider, for I know for sure that if you keep all these tips in mind, that you are bound to find the perfect shower doors. I highly recommend taking a look at all the products the Bathroom Store Ireland  has to offer, you will not be disappointed! Thanks for reading our blog, and please feel free to ask any questions which you may have, for we are always available to answer your questions and clear any doubts!