How to take an epic photography adventure travel trip


Traveling has become so much more popular in the last decade. With the invention of social media and advanced camera technology, this allows amateurs the ability to take stunning photos.

Whether you travel and take photos as a hobby or adventure as pro here are some quick tips and tricks you can follow.

To make your adventure travel journey more memorable, you will want to learn the basics of photography. Whether you area a professsional commercial photographer or an ameatur that wants to capture memories this article is for you.

Meet the freelance travel photographer whose life choices allow him an amazing globe-trotting lifestyle creating timeless visuals around the world.Gregg Jaden, known as one of the world’s top travel adventure photographers shares his artistic perspective of his travel journey’s around the globe.

Located in Manhattan Beach, CA, Jaden started shooting 5 years ago, after a near death experience, and hasn’t looked back since.

He now creates stunning images from around the world on behalf of Brands like Sony, Western Digital, G Technology, HOYA USA and Loweprofor his 280,000 Instagram followers.

“I knew I needed a change in my life. I wanted to venture out of the office but still maintain working with successful Brands on their large scale marketing campaign. I started creating campaigns and pitching my ideas to brands. One of my objectives was doing extensive research of the Brand and their current marketing initiatives before pitching to become a natural extension of their marketing team.. Even thought my travels are work related I still feel like I’m only working on vacation. I always make my adventures fun while delivering for my clients.” Jaden recalls.

Keep reading as we dive deeper intoadventure travel photography and uncover a simple plan to travel and take epic photos.

What is Adventure Travel Photography?

Adventure travel photography is a way to take epic photos of places visited that have a fresh adventure feel. Imagine traveling on vacation with a purpose to capture amazing visuals that leave people gazing at your photos feeling all aspects of the image. Traveling with a photographic purpose will always add sizzle to any trips and usually force you to see places you might not even have considered.

You don’t need to be a pro to achieve beautiful photographic results by visiting incredible places in the world. You can simply use your cell phone camera aprofessional who understands the terrain. If they are good, they can give tips and tricks on  how to take beautiful photos of foreign locations.Always do your due diligence before hiring any travel tour company. “I usually build my teams locally who’s going to come along with me for the project. Then,I create relationships with experts around the world in the Country I want to visit. From there, I send my detailed notes of my own locations research and ask them to add anything I’m missing to make my trip as efficient as possible. Even though I shoot for business I always shoot for fun.” says Jaden.

Generally, the goal is to capture the history, tradition and culture present in the place to encompass the raw emotion of that region, showing the world through unique perspective. What matters most is the story behind the photograph and trying to communicate the experience you had.

Kampung WarnaWarniJodipan, a Colorful Village in Malang Indonesia – photo Gregg Jaden

Best Way to Jump Start Into Adventure Travel Photography

1 – Choose a Destination

Step one, decide where you want to adventure and plan the trip. Make the focus of your trip favorite locations for capturing epic visualsyou are passionate about. The next step is to research more about the chosen place: climate, best time to go, how to get there, tourist spots etc.Upon arrival get to know the locations you travel to. If you have limited time make sure you capitalize on each location with the best possible images.

2 –Choose Photo Tour Guide

Tagging along with a tour guide that is a photographer can always increase your chances at epic photos. Usually, this specialist knows the landscape and most likely general knowledge if camera operation if you are shooting with a Mirrorless, Drone or DLSR camera. If you are traveling by plane, always bring a backpack made specifically for photography gear to help protect your camera and lenses. It must be carried in hand luggage and protected enough so that they do not suffer damage.

3 –Be Safe, Remember Travel Insurance

Take out travel insurance. Most tourist agencies offer this service. This caution is essential. After all, prevention is much better than the surprise of unpleasant hospital visits you have to pay cash for. Travel insurance ensures that the trip goes smoothly.If you bring your own camera equipment, inquire if it can be covered against possible theft, theft or damage.

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona USA – Gregg Jaden
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona USA – Gregg Jaden

In addition, there is also health insurance, which is relevant if you travel abroad and suffer a physical accident. Unfortunately, these things happen. Travel agencies can also offer tour packages especially in order to take their customers to places with more favorable scenarios and which yield excellent clicks.

Travel Photography Will Change Your Life

“Adventure Travel Photography has taken my life in a whole new direction I never thought possible. I have transformed from my desk life to being submersed inside incredible canyons, on top of beautiful mountain peaks, inside the World’s largest caves and the most breathtaking landscapes I have ever seen.” says Jaden

Taking photo based trips can be therapeutic in so many ways.It takes you to nature and silence which is always soothing for the soul. Sharing on Instagram is the best place for every adventurer to gain traction and to be seen by Brands. By sharing the best photos from all corners of the world, you have a great opportunity to attract many visitors.

4 – Learn Photo Basics Before You Go

For those who are not professional photographers, capturing good pics is often a challenge, since handling photographic equipment is not that simple. Learning the basics of manual camera operations will help tremendously before you start your adventure. Remember, you can always rely on “auto” if you get flustered. It is a good idea to learn the basics such as: right light, framing, composition, subjects, bokeh and best times to shoot photos in daylight. “I usually shoot sunrise and sunset when I travel for the best light. If I have to shoot mid-day I do it on an overcast day or shoot indoors or well shaded areas for better light.” Says Jaden.

Remember, to keep it simple. Practice good photography techniques will only help you capitalize on the adventure locations. If you aren’t confident in your camera operation, you can always fall back on your smartphone.

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