How to start a YouTube live streaming & twitch gaming channel

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YouTube ads may not be a promising income for some YouTubers; therefore, most of them supplement their output with live streaming.

However, there are several different strategies that need to be implemented to maintain a steady and even increasing number of audiences. YouTube strives to please everyone but for reasons of coordination and stability, clarification of the types of monetizable videos has been created.

To start YouTube live streaming and Twitch Gaming Channel, you need some advice and hopefully this article can give them to you. The following are the reasons your YouTube channel isn’t growing.

Having a unique personality is the foundation for everything

You can’t increase the popularity of your channel if you don’t adjust it to your personality. If you do everything in line with your personality, you will find fewer informal barriers. Some YouTubers fail not to realize that the real problem is that their content doesn’t suit their interests or worse, their personality.

By having content according to your personality, everything will run smoothly. But … everything also depends on your personality type. Most successful YouTubers have a unique personality and the uniqueness is also reflected by their posted content. This is the reason why their content looks so unique and interesting.

Have a schedule

There is no success without discipline and there is no discipline without a clear schedule. You must have a clear posting schedule otherwise you will let your subscribers “get stuck in wait”. Organise your schedule so that you are not too rare and not too often to post your content.

Too often will result in saturation and too rarely will make the subscribers switch to another channel. Every professional YouTuber has a clear posting schedule and most of them stick to it.

Have a budget

Money is not everything but everything needs money. This is an old saying that is still valid today. You have to prepare your budget, at least enough to produce content regularly. For high quality content, you need to pay more and this is quite reasonable. Here are two important things to have if you want to start your live streaming:

Camera + Production Equipment is the first thing to have

If you already have them in your warehouse, then you are ready to work. Camera prices generally range from $ 200 to $ 8,000. Each choice has a direct effect on the quality of your video production. But before choosing, determine the features you definitely need, the quality you want and where you use your camera. Further considerations are camera angles, lighting levels, temperature effects and so on.


You must convert your video into a format that can be watched online. For that you need an encoder. The encoder function is to capture content, compress it and send it to the Internet to be watched by as many people as possible. The encoder costs range from $ 200 to $ 20,000 and a little advice for you; Hardware encoders tend to be cheaper but they offer smoother graphics and higher frame rates, significantly improving content quality.

Learn use streaming, graphic and video editing software

Knowledge is very important and you can’t move further if you don’t know what to do. You must learn to use software related to streaming, graphics and video editing. Some of them are quite simple for beginners but most of them need basic knowledge. You can search your knowledge from Google but it would be better if you take a short course on how to make various YouTube videos.

And the final step; learn to optimize your videos

You can’t simply record your moment and then upload it on YouTube while expecting thousands of viewers. You need to do more than that and we’re talking about video optimization. Doing SEO on YouTube is not easy. We are going to see all the factors that we have to take into account.

Keyword Research

We need to first investigate the volume of searches of the main keywords that we want to position and the level of competence. We can use YouTube search and tags for YouTube.

Optimise the file name

Before uploading the video; we must optimize the file name. It is important that the name includes the keywords that we want to position.

Title with keywords

The title of the video should summarise the content of the video, be attractive and respond to possible searches that users can do on YouTube.

Label it as public

A video can be uploaded as public, hidden or private. When we upload a video we should always label it as public to get more visitors.We hope you can understand the 5 tips above because they really determine your success or failure in starting your YouTube live streaming project and your gaming channel as well.