How to sell your car in the UK to earn up to £1,000 more

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You may be one of those people who are planning to sell their cars but have no idea where to begin.

It is a common dilemma for those intending to sell car in the UK, especially for ex-pats who may not be very familiar with the laws and regulations of the region. Car Analytics (CA) can help you figure out a way to sell your car successfully without much hassle. All you need to know are some tips and tricks that will help you in striking an agreeable deal.

How Can I Sell My Car to Earn Up To £1,000 Extra?

Know the Trends: If you have set out to sell your car without any clue about its worth or current price, then you might not get a reasonable price for it. It would help if you researched before you venture out to make a decent sale and to do that, you will need to check classified ads. Know if your car will make an easy sell, or it will require you to drop the price. Moreover, based on several factors such as model, mileage, colour, geographical location, options, and condition, you will have to set a competitive price for your vehicle and demand a sum more than the acceptable price to keep scope for bargains. We advise you to use a free evaluation tool such as offered by Motorway (our sell car online partner) and take time to compare prices.

Detail the CarIt is a no brainer that the biggest factor influencing the buyer’s decision when making a purchase is the car’s appeal. The better the condition of the vehicle, the bigger the chance to make a profitable deal. Therefore, before you start advertising your car, make sure to give it a nice wash at the local car wash station (we do not recommend washing your car in the street), and give it a nice waxing if it has lost its lustre. Polishing its surface will provide the vehicle with a sparkly appearance, thus making it more enticing for onlookers. Do not neglect the car’s interior; it matters just as much as the exterior and should be given the required clean look, as well.

Advertise to Sell My CarNow that your car is in good shape, make sure to advertise it in the best possible manner to attract as many potential buyers as possible. To begin with, you need a professional camera to click high-resolution pictures instead of using cheap cell phone cameras, which produce compressed, low-quality images. We are not talking about the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S10; they are perfect for this job. Once you have snapped some good shots of the vehicle’s interior and exterior, you can start advertising through various mediums such as websites, magazines, classifieds, or even supermarket notice boards. We do recommend advertising via notices or ads stuck on your car’s window. However, in some parts like the US and the Middle East, you run the risk of getting your vehicle confiscated, if you put a ‘For Sale’ sign on your vehicle’s window. Do not rule out other influential multimedia options such as posts on Facebook and Twitter, or a Featured Ad on Desperate Seller to sell your car.

Be Easily ReachableOne of the key factors to ensure a smooth sale is to take care of those reading your car ads know how they can reach you without difficulty. Your email address is not an effective way for quick communication, as most of us are not very likely to check our email regularly. This makes it difficult for the interested parties to reach you on time. Therefore, always make sure you provide a valid phone number for customers to contact you and ask queries.

Be HonestBefore you start receiving inquiries about your car through email, phone, or messages, you should be well prepared to answer any queries related to the vehicle’s condition. It requires you to know about the car’s service history. You can use the UK government website to see the MOT history by entering the vehicle’s registration number, or you can use Car Analytics free car check service for full vehicle MOT history, including advisory and failure notes. Make sure you establish your credibility by providing potential customers with accurate information about the vehicle regarding any minor or major accidents it has suffered, or any damage that was later repaired along with its service history. The prospective vehicle buyer will be more inclined to give in to price negotiation once he is ascertained of your sincerity. To make it a hassle-free transaction for the buyer, we suggest you take Car Analytics’ Full Car History Check. It will contain everything from the failure notices tax status, running cost, vehicle evaluation to car-clocking info, accident history, scrapped history, and outstanding finance details, among other things. 

Car Analytics’ Sell My Car Service

All in all, selling your car in the United Kingdom seems like a lot of hard work, especially if you want to earn good money for your prized possession. However, there is an easy way out if you use Sell My Car service offered by Car Analytics. You can sell your car literally in 24 Hours and for up to £1,000 more. For this purpose, CA has partnered with Motorway (UK’s leading comparison site). Here are a few highlights of this service.

  1. Just open Sell My Car page and give your vehicle’s registration number. You will be directed to our partner, Motorway, where you need to enter the current mileage of your car along with service history information, its condition, and a few other details.
  2. Once you do that, Motorway will present you instant offers from online buyers, car buying sites, scrap buyers, and specialized auto dealers across the UK.
  3. You pick the car offer that suits you the most after evaluating each for their advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Arrange an appointment with the buyer, and discuss different payment options.
  5. The buyer (dealership or the private shopper) will visit you to inspect the vehicle.
  6. If everything is in order, you can hand over the car and get the money the same day in your account. Can car selling be more comfortable than this?
 If selling your car in 24 hours and for up to £1,000 more sounds exciting to you, visit Car Analytics Now!