How to save money while furnishing your home office

Home office

Your new home office is finally ready, and you’re ready to work in a more comfortable but professional environment.

Before you can move in, you get the fun of furnishing and decorating your new workspace. While it can be a lot of fun to think about how different furniture would look in your home, most people are on a fairly strict budget.

If you’re on a budget, but you still want a grandly appointed executive office in your home, there are a few things you can do to cut down on the money you spend on your office furniture. In the end, you can spend far less by following just a few essential tips.

Get home furniture instead of office furniture

This is your first – and biggest – money saver. Home furniture is always cheaper than similar items marked as office furniture. In truth, you can furnish your entire office with home furnishings like dining tables and chairs, a love seat or accent chairs, console tables, media chests, and more. If you are finding the items you really want for your home office too far outside your budget, try looking for a home furniture equivalent.

Look for clearance selections and sales

It is no secret that it is always cheaper to buy new products just after new ones are released. Even though that furniture is just as relevant and every bit as good as the new offerings, today’s fast fashion mentality has furniture being relegated to clearance every few months. You can take advantage of these trends by looking for online clearance selections and sales. Your local furniture store will also have clearance sales every few months, but they won’t have as wide of a selection.

Hit the internet for the best deals

While buying large items like furniture over the internet is really just starting to gain traction, your best bet to get the lowest prices on furnishing your home office is to turn to ecommerce furniture stores. Online stores generally have prices at least slightly lower than your local furniture store. They also have many more brands and collections to choose from, including extensive catalogs of furniture for each room of the home.

Look for reasonable free delivery offers

Almost every ecommerce site on the web offers free delivery, even if some sites have minimum qualifiers to get the discounted service. On the other hand, most local furniture stores are almost certain to charge delivery fees. While less reputable furniture retailers tout free delivery while tacking on hidden fees and surcharges, almost all furniture stores will charge something more for delivery to rural or difficult to access locations.

A free shipping furniture store will have free delivery offers that could be tied to an order dollar amount, a particular number of furnishings, or what type of furniture you have bought. Keep in mind that even the most trustworthy of online retailers may charge additional fees for delivery to rural areas.