How to Process the Caviar? Is it Safe to Eat?

Who does not want to have healthy and tasty food? And seafood has its own unique taste, believe it or not, but almost 3 billion people in the world rely on wild seafood for their daily nutrition.

One such strange seafood is “caviar”. What is caviar? Let us find out. It is indeed an expensive dish therefore, the caviar price is pretty higher than the fish itself.

The reason why we claimed it to be strange lies in its existence. Caviar is not a fish, nor its some squid, but it is still eaten in a large quantity, normally as a garnish or a side. The best caviar in the world is available in iran. It is known as the world’s most tasteful caviar for several reasons, but the top most reason that makes caviar a delectable delight is the process through which it is made. Caviar for sale are not the raw roe, instead these are passed through various quality checks before they reach your table.

Today the caviar market is as big as 300 million dollars, do not be surprised with it, because all of this was possible through factories and processing units; earlier we were unable to farm or process caviar in such a large number. Alone in London there are almost 25 to 30 processing units for caviar.

In this article, we intend to answer one of the most asked queries about how the caviar is processed and reaches us. Although not many people ask it openly, whenever we taste this wonderful caviar, such questions pop up in our mind. So let us explore the world of the best caviar and learn more about it.

Farming Caviar

You need to accept this bitter truth that currently, almost 70 percent of caviar is being farmed. Companies are bound to harvest them because the wild caviar is getting scarce, the sole reason for such pressures is climate change and global warming. The sturgeon fish are getting scarce, and so is their roe. Therefore, to meet the excessive need for caviar is being fulfilled through artificial harvesting and farming of caviar.

Growing Sturgeon Fish

Just like any other fish farm, the companies grow the sturgeon fish. To grow healthy fish they focus on their diet, by introducing large pallets of protein when they are young. Once the fish is matured the protein food is reduced.

To ensure that there are no toxic living organisms in the pool, various viruses and fungi-eating bacteria are also released in those tanks.

The most surprising thing about these farms is the results, these fish require almost seven to ten years to be ready for caviar. The companies need to feed them and take care of this fish for almost a decade, now you know why is caviar is expensive?

Extracting the Roe for Caviar

Now once the fish are ready for harvesting, the experts would conduct a cesarean or remove the ovaries of those fish to take out the roe. It is a very delicate matter. In many cases, fish tend to reabsorb the eggs, especially when they are being stressed.

Each roe is of different color, and it depends on the type of fish. In Iran, the best iranian beluga caviar is often green-colored roe extracted from Caspian monarque. Iranian caviar is one of the most expensive types of caviar available. However, even more expensive than that is the almas caviar.

Adding Salt for Preservation

Once they have extracted the caviar it would be time to preserve the caviar. To do this, adn to add some flavour, they would sprinkle salt on the roe in large quantities. Salt will help them stay fresh for longer periods. This salt is not the ordinary iodized salt, instead they use very finely cut salt particles, so that the person eating them must not feel it.

If you are searching for some high-quality caviar, then the ones with 3% salt content are the best. However, generally the caviar available in the market contains 8% salt, and it is known as the semi-preserved salt. Those who need fresh caviar should consider the one with 3% salt. Now the last step is to pack them in high quality tin cans, and send them to the factory outlets.