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How to Bet Responsibly: BetZillion Experts Guide

Over the last few decades, betting online has become a mainstream entertainment source worldwide and an example of an online betting site is It is surely a very convenient way of getting your dose of betting without leaving the comfort of your home, but it comes with a huge risk of irresponsible betting. Hence, we have a betting expert to guide us through the best responsible gambling practices.

Any online betting site you can visit now, whether it’s an online casino or an online sportsbook, you can expect to find a dedicated page for responsible gambling. It often outlines the problematic behaviors and offers tools for self-help.

But sometimes, self-help is not enough. Most of the expert betting tips we see on the internet often skip on the concept of responsible betting. We’ve decided to step up and fill the void for you.

This guide will go over the things you should know when you’re sports betting online, along with some advice from the expert. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What to Know if You’re Betting online

Betting online is now more accessible than ever before. For this very reason, the voices regarding responsible gambling are louder than ever. The first step to including safe practices in your betting habits is knowing what to look for. And in this case, we have a bet expert from BetZillion to help us out.

You Can’t Beat the House Edge

In most cases, problematic gambling habits develop when the punter thinks they can beat the casino/sportsbook and make a profit. Mathematically speaking, that’s not possible. Online gambling sites will always have the edge over the users.

So, the longer you play, the more you lose. And the longer you try to beat the casino, the more severe the problem can get.

Bias will Only Pull You Down

It is a mistake pretty much all-rookie punters make. Having a bias toward the favorite team in the game or their favorite team is one of the worst approaches to sports betting. Just because you or other punters like a team doesn’t mean it will always win.

Rather, the approach should be based on concrete research. Previous match results, player statistics, performance in different weather conditions, etc., will help you dial in the bets more accurately than going with the hunch alone.

If you have the habit of betting on your favorite teams or individuals, maybe it’s time to come out of it.

Odds are Not Always Accurate

If you’re a bettor, you may already know the odds are the backbone of the sports betting industry. Your winnings and the probability of an outcome are tied to the odds projected on a betting site.

But did you know that the odds are not always correct? The sportsbooks project the odds based on what the analysts have found in their research. Like every other aspect of life, there is room for error in sports odds.

In that case, you may fall victim to blindly trusting the odds and lose a substantial amount of money. And when you try to recoup the losses, you fall into the vicious circle of chasing losses.

Not All Odds Are the Same

It is another malpractice we’ve seen, even for people who claim to do expert betting. All online sportsbooks offer odds, but they’re not always the same. If you stick to the same bookmaker for a very long time, you’re losing out on the opportunity to expand your horizon. Also, it may lead to long-term betting addiction if you don’t switch things from time to time.

Betting Advice for Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is not just a page found on online bookmakers’ websites. Rather, it’s a way of life. If you want to “truly” become a responsible gambler, you need to ensure a few things before starting. Let’s get back to the betting expert from BetZillion and see the action plan here.

Don’t Spend Money You Can’t Afford to Lose

It is one of the things most betting sites, and even most sports bet experts skip when spreading awareness. Sports betting is a form of entertainment. Like any other entertainment source, you should have a budget for betting.

If you were to go on a trip to the Himalayas, you wouldn’t draw money from your regular expenses budget and spend it all on the trip, would you? The same goes for the iGaming industry. Understanding the distinction is the sign of true expert betting.

So, don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose whenever you bet on sports. You should craft the budget as you would with an overseas trip, with no hopes of any returns. If you win a bet, that’s a bonus.

Never Chase Losses

Chasing losses pretty much comes from the mentality of beating the house, a point we’ve already discussed above. Whenever you incur a loss, just let it go because both wins and losses are part of the sports betting industry. The possibility of loss makes the activity so enjoyable.

Utilize the Tools Offered

From what we’ve seen, most gamblers don’t bother with the responsible gambling page on the betting sites. It’s not a healthy practice because the responsible gambling pages are very informative.

They also offer tools like deposit limits on your account, betting limits for a day/week, session limits, cool-off periods, reality checks, self-exclusion, and whatnot! Most betting sites are also partnered up with reputed organizations like Responsible Gambling, GamCare, Gambler’s Anonymous, and whatnot.

The bottom line from the sports betting expert is that you should visit the page and look into the tools before you deposit for the first time.

Manage Your Bankroll

Crafting a separate bankroll for gambling is only half the equation. The other half depends on how well you can manage it. There are plenty of money management techniques that bet experts preach.

The simplest would be breaking down your bankroll into smaller units and using the units for individual bets. It’ll prevent you from blowing the entire bankroll on a bad wager and sustain it longer.

Expert’s Opinion on How to Bet Responsibly

No matter what sports betting experts do to create awareness, it starts at a micro-level. When you enter the betting paradigm, you must be aware of your position and goals. Having unrealistic expectations is often the case behind developing gambling problems.

Once you have your mind in the right place, you won’t even have to think of responsible gambling consciously.


Betting is something you can do now from the comfort of your home. It is a blessing upon us. At the same time, it can turn into a curse that no one anticipates. The scary thing is, it can go out of hand very quickly if you’re not careful.

The best way to tackle such problems is by taking preventative measures. You can utilize the questionnaires offered by betting sites to determine if you have any problematic behavior patterns or not. If you do, you can refer to the advice shared by a betting expert right here.