How to Move your Furniture Safer and Easier

Moving furniture on your own can be quite risky for both you and the furniture. In order to avoid injury or premature damage to your prized possessions when moving from one home to another, you need to be familiar with the main safety guidelines.

The best way to move this heavy furniture is to hire a company specialized in furniture delivery and have them do it for you, because they know what they do and how they do it.

Use Teflon Discs

The first advice that we can apply is to use Teflon discs. This material is a very resistant polymer with a low coefficient of friction. Practically this becomes a comfortable support that will allow you to move the furniture without any effort. You just have to apply the Teflon discs to the base of the cabinet to want to move and then apply a slight push in the desired direction.

This method, in addition to its ease of use, also has another great advantage: it does not align the floors.

However, there are also disadvantages, the first is that this method can be applied to medium-sized furniture (such as a sofa or a sideboard), but it will be difficult to apply it to large furniture such as cabinets. This is because it will be difficult to insert the Teflon discs and therefore it would be very difficult to apply a thrust to move the object.

Use Straps

A very innovative method, although really simple, is to use straps. In particular, we are talking about a harness to be used with another person. Here we can see an example of the application of this technique.As we can see in the video, this technique allows the furniture to be completely lifted, allowing it to be even moved from one floor of the house to another.

Use Rollers for Transport

If the furniture to be moved is really very large and you need something to support it, the transport rollers will do it for you.We are talking about a method very similar to that of Teflon discs, with the only difference that the discs that we will place under our furniture will have small rollers that will allow the furniture to slide even more easily.

It will also be much easier to insert these rollers in place of the Teflon discs, as they have a lever that allows you to easily lift the furniture a few inches.

Use a Cart

One method that makes movement easier even though it requires a greater amount of force than previous methods is to use a checkout cart.This method requires the help of a second person and will certainly not allow you to move large furniture. However, it is an excellent compromise in case of small movements.

Use a Moving Company

Moving home can be a stressful and tedious experience. There is so much to consider, first of all, you need to pack your entire home. Then you need to make sure nothing is broken in the move and the most important thing to consider is how to get all your things from your old home to your new one.

Transporting your old home to your new one can be difficult as you can’t just load everything onto your motor vehicle. The furniture in your home is usually the most cumbersome and worrying thing to have to transport. Furniture comes in different shapes and sizes and can be extremely heavy.

This is the reason why you would definitely need a vehicle larger than a car to transport your furniture. Some people decide to rent a van or trailer forfurniture delivery, but may find it a very difficult process. Using a moving company to transport your furniture may be the best thing to do, as it will take much of the hassle out of moving. Most good moving companies will do the packing for you! They will have all the supplies needed to pack your valuables safely in boxes, and will usually have excellent quality padded boxes as well.

If you want to make your move more affordable, you can choose to pack all of your own boxes and then have the moving company move them for you. Your help is very welcome with large and heavy furniture. These moving companies will know how to move your furniture and will safely pack it into their trucks so that the merchandise is not damaged in transit.

It helps a lot on moving day to have people around who know what they are doing. They will know which large furniture items to remove first so that the entire moving process is less painful and stressful. The moving company employees will be well versed in the ways of moving and will be able to help make the whole moving easier.

When looking for a moving company, you should have a complete inventory list to hand out prior to receiving the quote. Most moving companies will require an inventory list before you can quote it, as they need to assess how much work it will entail. This is because moving companies often charge per item. Try and compare various quotes, so you know that you are making the most informed decision in your choice. You can usually easily find a good moving company in your local phone book, or even online. The Internet is a great resource for finding reliable moving companies.

On the Internet you can read about the company that interests you and you can consult its website. Most moving company websites will have an online quote request form for you to fill out. Reading about the company on their website will help you make a decision about whether they can offer you the moving assistance you need.