Build better. Build greener. Build Faster.

Before the pandemic and before we fully realised how important the NHS would become to us, the Prime Minister visited a hospital and declared an intention to deliver on the promises of Project Speed.

Hereford County Hospital, visited by the PM, was undergoing an extension with the skill and expertise of MTX as part of this project. MTX is leading on this £12 million fast-track ward project to add 72 beds to the hospital and three state-of-the-art wards.

The wards were delivered in just 11 months to the highest specification and with much higher environmental credentials. The project is the epitome of the build better, build greener, build faster agenda that Boris Johnson is promoting to the construction sector.

The ward was built using MTX’s latest and most innovative fast-track methods to reduce build time by up to 50%. It is a perfect fit for the Government’s so-called radical reforms in planning since the Second World War. The off-site methods used in the project are a straightforward way to deliver on the promises made by the Prime Minister.

How does the MTX Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) deliver on build better?

Contrary to a historical view of modular construction, the build quality is of the highest quality. The modules are an engineered solution developed from years of research and understanding of the best practice in construction. As the modules are built in a factory, the build quality is high with the same technicians. The modules are held to the highest quality control processes as it moves through the different parts of the construction. It is built indoors and so without the immediate weathering effects on the components.

As much of the construction is done away from the site, vehicle movement and on-site staff are reduced. It means that MTX MMC is a much safer model of construction and minimalises the disruption for those already working on the customer’s site. Imagine the level of disruption that would be caused to a hospital by extensive construction work.

How does the MTX Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) deliver on build greener?

First, reduced traffic means a reduction in vehicle emissions. Second, the control of supplies possible by a factory setting means there is much less waste. There is no need to over order to make sure there are enough materials. Materials within the factory setting can be stored and used on future products, which is much better for the environment.

There are also better recycling opportunities in modular construction. When a traditional building is demolished, the materials are taken to a landfill. The components used in modular builds can be deconstructed and reused, or the whole building can be removed and moved somewhere new.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, the buildings’ energy performance is much improved on traditional builds. The air permeability of the modules is such that there is little heat lost to the outside, meaning the heating needs to be on less. Also, there are energy efficiency features for lighting and more to help reduce the energy consumption of the modules.

How does the MTX Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) deliver on build faster?

The significant benefit of MMC is that the substructure and superstructure can be built at the same time. As the groundworks are being completed on-site, off-site, the module will be completed. As the groundworks are finished, the building will be ready for delivery. With the use of pre-manufactured MEP services and off-site finishes, the units come ready for use.

MMC can save up to 50% in terms of time on traditional methods, and because it is not really adversely impacted by weather, it is more likely to finished to schedule. The problem with projects that overrun is the budget runs away with them. So, the option to save time on the programme can also save money too.

MTX and ethical construction

Project Speed is an initiative to fast-track construction when the nation’s infrastructure is under pressure. There is a need for additional construction to meet needs, but this must be the highest quality craftsmanship. Faster with MTX doesn’t mean there is any drop in standards. The time is gained because of the simultaneous completion of groundworks and modules. Time is also gained because there is no waiting for subcontractors to become available, as all technicians are employed within the factory.

MTX offer ethical construction projects that are great for the environment and for the end-user. MMC is the perfect method to fulfil government promises.