How to make cheap clothes look great in 4 easy steps

woman in front of the mirror

Even though we all like the idea of splashing out on a thousand dollar outfit, it just isn’t like that in the real world.

Okay, that isn’t to say that we need to look less than stylish but when times are hard, it pays to be somewhat frugal.

This article shows you how to keep looking great without breaking the bank. We’ve dug up 4 awesome tips that will teach you how to make the most out of those budget outfits in a way that nobody would ever guess.

Upgrade those buttons

So let’s talk about buttons, did you ever notice how they can make or break an item of clothing? If you happen to love that shirt but absolutely hate the plastic buttons, why not buy it and swap them for something classy instead? There are a myriad of better materials to use instead of cheap and nasty plastic so take a look on eBay and invest a little in some lovely examples including leather, bone, or even wood. Hold your outfit up to the bow replacement windows to look for any stains and blemishes. You see, the correct buttons can set off an average shirt or blouse and amplify their presence like almost no other accessory can manage.

Reduce your washing efforts

Didn’t you notice yet how destructive that washing process can be? It’s twice as bad if you choose a long and hot cycle, so think smart and use other methods. Spot cleaning works a charm and even a toothbrush can remove the most stubborn stains. You can even freeze that stinky T-short if you want to freshen it up. We’re being serious here, so to keep those cheap clothes looking new, avoid the washing machine and keep them cool for as long as possible.

Steamers are great

For those thin material based items, leave the iron well alone, especially if they are made from synthetic material. Your iron will simply melt the whole garment and then you are back to square one, you can look to a steamer instead. These devices can blast away the wrinkles and bring it back to its best once more. Using the natural light created by the windows in Sherwood Park to check the cleanliness of the clothing item, if it’s not quite time to wash the shirt, steam it and then leave it to hang overnight in a dry room with the window open. This sorts out the wrinkles and also freshens it up a treat.

Simple works

Whilst special occasions do warrant splashing out on a fabulous outfit, try and steer clear of the cheaper flashy options. Cheaper outfits are best left simple and can make far more impact when compared to a vulgar attempt at looking expensive. Trust us, these usually fail badly and you really need to take a look in the mirror and ask how you can streamline that outfit before leaving your home.

So there were 4 excellent ways to make that money stretch even further and so long as you heed these suggestions, nobody will ever know the true price tag for that pair of jeans or shirt that you are rocking.