How to make a great first impression with your reception area?

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Making a great impression is important as a business owner, whether you are impressing clients or potential employees.

However, when designing the space, there is plenty to consider such as the amount of space as well as affordable reception desks and other furniture to place in your reception area. In this article, we are going to be looking into some of the ways that you can make a great first impression when designing your reception area.

Make your Company Logo Stand Out

When creating a reception area, the first step is to ensure that your branding is front and centre behind the reception desk. This will help you to look professional and help potential clients as well as potential employees to find you easily. By ensuring your branding is on the outside of the building as well as the inside, this helps to create a look of professionalism for your business as well as ensure that your office looks presentable at all times.

Keep It Tidy

Another way that you can make a great impression with your reception area is to keep it tidy. By tidying it every day and ensuring that every chair is in its right place allows you to make a great first impression. This is because the first thing that someone sees when they visit your business is the reception area. If you are lucky enough to have a large reception area, ensure that there are a number of bins located all around the area, this will help encourage those that are visiting to leave the space as they found it.

Add Comfortable Furniture

In addition to keeping it tidy, having tables with comfortable furniture is also highly beneficial as this allows visitors to feel comfortable as well as welcome when they arrive. This is particularly important if you have a number of client meetings as this helps to make a great first impression. In addition to this, comfortable furniture will also help potential employees to feel relaxed before their interview, helping your company to appear approachable and welcoming. In addition to the comfortable furniture, you can also add a selection of magazines for them to choose from as will also help them to feel comfortable.

Add A Water Machine

By adding a water machine or a vending machine to the reception area, you can help to increase the overall experience that your employees, as well as clients, have. This will allow them to choose a snack as they wait and helps to ensure that they are comfortable even if you are running late. This is beneficial in the long term as your company can also profit from the money made out of the vending machine. This can then be spent stocking up the machine, therefore, the company is never left out of pocket.

With all this in mind, you can have a reception area that is the perfect representation of your company with very minimal effort, without relying on the amount of space that you have when following these few simple steps. Where will you begin with your design process of your brand-new reception area?