Best new phones 2019

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Who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays? This device has taken a pride of place in our lives.  Smartphones keep evolving day by day.

New designs, new apps or new changes keep happening to make our everyday life easier. This has triggered a competition among the top brands. Let’s explore the best new phones of 2019.

iPhone XS

With its 5.8 and 6.5- inch display, this phone has made most Apple fans go nuts. Apple has taken its technology to the next level. It was announced on the 12th September,2018. Most people say that all iPhones have the same features. So, what’s special about this one? Well… the speakers are more powerful, and the sound has been enhanced. Plus, the camera has been intensified as the smart HDR helps the camera bring quality pictures to your gallery. iPhone has always been the favorite of most people around the world. Well… why not, it’s classy, always updated and stylish. As for the price, iPhone’s have never be cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy S10

This water-resistant phone has been the first love of most Samsung Galaxy lovers. This phone was launched this year on February 20,2019 and it’s already close to the top. This phone has rapidly gained its fame. It has a big screen and an additional facing camera to intensify your selfies. It can be unlocked with one touch unlock, using the famous fingerprint ID. How cool is that!

You do not have to worry about your phone running out of juice, as it has enhanced the battery life. Besides, have you ever heard of wireless power share? Yes pals, this allows you to wirelessly charge your phone on the back end of your headset. Impressive!

Let’s not get started about the graphics. It is breath- taking! Allowing you to play different types of games in HD. With each update the developers have explored new facets of pixels, screen display and responsiveness when it comes to the graphics. Surely, we can expect a high-quality product. Why wait to try the incredible graphics? You may access and load any top slots at Give back Bingo online for a spin or two.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei has risen rapidly in the smartphone market. Having a competitor as Huawei is challenging for other brands. The Huawei P30 pro was released on April 15,2019. This phone has taken creativity into another level – it was inspired by the sky. It has eye- catching designs. Plus, the camera has a special feature where the lens allows the zooming to be more intense producing sharper pics. With a storage of 128/265/512GB you’ll have way more space to save up both yours and your friends selfies!

The image quality has been intensified to meet a higher standard. This has raised the status of Huawei even more. This phone is so close to being among the top phones of 2019.

These are the top brands that are continuously competing. It is this competition that drives the development of these smartphones and changes them for the better. So, what’s it going to be? The choice is yours guys!