How to maintain your stream of income with streaming services

The UK streaming boom is officially over after the number of homes with services such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ fell in the first quarter, as the cost of living crisis forced hundreds of thousands of streaming fans to slim down their subscriptions to just a few favourites.

Whether it’s a brand-new series on Netflix or a blockbuster hit on Disney+, streaming services are a beloved indulgence across the UK.

In the past decade, the rising popularity of streaming services has created a culture of instant, fresh, and hassle-free entertainment for households everywhere.

No wonder over 58% of households have at least one paid subscription to a streaming service.

However, as the nation descends into a cost-of-living crisis, and with inflation on the rise, many Brits are re-evaluating their spending habits, including luxuries such as streaming services.

Online Betting Guide (OLBG) have shed some light on this, conducting thorough research into the disposal income and discretionary spend of Brits during this crisis.

The Discretionary Spend Index by OLBG revealed Brits spend a yearly average of £49 on streaming services, which is over £10 more than the previous years.

Despite what may be considered a small increase, this is still concerning news for a huge majority of the country, since any increase in spend during a cost-of-living crisis is considered a risky move.

However, it’s likely many Brits want to know they can still relish in the joys of their streaming service entertainment, without compromising the stability of their finances.

And for those wondering, here’s how you can do it.

It’s all in the plan

With any streaming service, one of the best money-saving tips is to ensure you’re choosing the best suited plan.

Every streaming service will have a range of options to choose from when it comes to your subscription, each offering different plans for different prices.

For instance, you’re likely to find the standard plans will allow for a lesser number of devices to be viewed at one time, along with a basic HD picture quality.

Alternatively, you may be able to scale up your price to increase the number of simultaneous viewers and gain access to Ultra-HD streaming

To get the best value for money, make sure you consider the best plan for you.

Let’s say you only have a household of two or less, then you most likely won’t need to pay extra for multiple-device streaming.

Also, if you’re satisfied with a standard HD quality, that’s even more money you can save with a basic plan.

Find the right plan, and you’ll naturally begin to avoid any unnecessary expenses, and get more for your money.

It’s great to rotate

Another effective method of preserving your streaming service budget is to interchange your subscriptions.

Thanks to their nature, the majority of today’s popular streaming services allow for easy pausing or cancelation, as well as swift resuming of your subscription plan.

This means you can halt your plan – and its charge – for a period of time you choose.

This is ideal for people who are strategic with their streaming binges. There may be a specific series you know will occupy your evenings for the next month or so, which means other streaming services are unnecessary at this time.

A great money saving technique is to pause the subscriptions you’re not using whilst you focus on one, and then rotate them each time you find yourself sticking periodically to one.

As a result, you’ll avoid all the unnecessary monthly charges of other subscriptions, whilst still enjoying your current favourite at that time.

An offer you can’t refuse

Streaming services are constantly producing new offers and benefits for their customers, and in order to save as much as you can, you’ll want to take advantage of every available one.

For example, most streaming services offer some form of free trial for newcomers – often 30 days – which will allow you one whole free month of streaming when you start.

Even if you intend to stick with the service, take the free trial and save on a month’s watching.

Also, you’ll find there are many companies in affiliation with streaming services, who offer deals on their own products and benefit entertainment streamers.

For instance, you might find mobile contract deals which include discounts or free months of streaming services when you purchase.

By taking advantage of all the deals and offers you can, you can start saving significantly on several streaming services across your entertainment collection, simply through accepting the incentives from the companies themselves.

With these top money saving tips, you no longer have to fear the forced cancellation of your favourite streaming services. Instead, have all the treasured entertainment you want, without compromising your budget.